Junior Apprentice II

The second series of Junior Apprentice (aka Young Apprentice – will the next series be called Teen Apprentice?/Adolescent Apprentice?) aired its 3rd episode yesterday and once again the team that made the most mistakes was awarded with the win.

Following an ice-cream victory for a girls’ team that shoved cones into children’s hands and then demanded payment, and a win for a bizarre cushioned-sling, the winning team here somehow got away with presenting 5 meagre red posys for a ruby wedding anniversary and a mantelpiece display that I could have made from 4 flowers in my garden, and charging £150.

Never mind that the other team (kinetic or atomic – does it matter?) produced much better floral arrangements and if the task had been set over weeks or even more days would have elicited repeat business and good word of mouth, they lost because the other team overcharged for their flowers and got away with it – because they were young or because they were being filmed on the BBC?

They’re only 16 and 17 so I don’t want to comment on the individuals too closely – although they have willingly applied to be part of a prime-time reality tv show. The funniest bit was still from the 2nd episode when the boys were returning from the end of the task and talking about how they didn’t want to encounter the Losers’ cafe again. Lewis’s comments that he would have to eat a big meal before going there – thinking they were talking about the quality of the food at the cafe, rather than that they just did not want to lose a task again – showed he knew his priorities. In fact, Lord Sugar, let him out of his misery – for two weeks running now he has taken the blame for the failure of the tasks, practically begging to leave – and following his huff at the end of this episode after seeing Harry Rugby back instead of Hannah, he’s sure for another meltdown next week. Can’t wait.

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