Downton Abbey

Ah Downton Abbey. What a change this second series was from the first. Julian Fellowes, did you watch the Comic Relief special and gain inspiration from that over the break? The first series was a focused piece, establishing the household and concerns over the ENTAIL, but this second series was a meandering soap opera. Poor Edith, all her storylines lasted an episode and then disappeared – her romance with the farmer, her driving, her cousin PATRICK! Oh, Patrick, with your distracting bug-eyes, why oh why did you have a Canadian accent after only 5 or so adult years in Canada?

So to recap on the absurd plotting this series, apart from Canadian Patrick and the Farmer, there was of course Matthew’s spinal injury, from which he miraculously recovered after rising to stop Lavinia tripping over the carpet. Lord Grantham’s dalliance with the maid. Why doesn’t he ever leave the house – he could visit the House of Lords or his tenants rather than moping in the breakfast room every week. The chauffeur and Lady Sybil. The murder of Mr Bates. Daisy’s marriage to young William. And still unresolved is the triangle between the Jorah Mormont (much better off serving Dany than Lady Mary I think), Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew.

The wait will not be long, for there is a Christmas special. Where more ridiculous plots will emerge and disappear over a figgy pudding, cooked by Daisy. Let’s hope Patrick re-appears while they’re carving the turkey.

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