Young Apprentice: Deodorants

The advertisement task starts at Wembley stadium, of course, because the teams this week have to design a deodorant for their age group and make a tv advert, so Wembley often has sweaty people…? Lord Alan appears on the big screen to give them the task and Nick and Karren jumble up the teams once again assigning Zara as one team manager, Harry Rugby the other team coach.

In the last series of Junior Apprentice we knew from the first episode what most of these teenagers had done in terms of business experience to win a place on the show. There was Tim, the sheep-farmer, Hannah Cherry with her top-secret invention, Zoe the designer, Arjun the school prefect and that girl who sold sweets. This year we know that Gbemi is a fashion designer, Lizzie designs guitar straps, Zara is a film-maker and James is good at Economics. I think that’s about it. It would be good to know more about their entrepreneurial backgrounds, but I suppose it may wait till we get to the finalists.

So Zara, with her film experience, may have had an advantage in filming the tv ad (no print ads needed in this task) and she knew how to storyboard, but with an advert which just consisted of a sweaty man breakdancing and thrusting the ‘Raw’ bottle into the camera, I think anyone could have directed it. We only saw a bit of a focus group that Haya and Harry H visited, not the focus group the other team visited, which is interesting as the other focus group could have helped Lizzie and Gbemi ‘focus’ more on what would be a clear concept and design for their ‘Vanity’ bottle.

They set up various storylines to hint that maybe Zara’s team could pull out a shock loss, but from the outset Harry Rugby’s team-management was a shambles and he really should have been fired for that and for being on a losing team every frigging week. It was Gbemi who was fired this week for the poor design of ‘Vanity’ which had a big mirror on one side of the bottle. It wasn’t that bad, it was just a bit cluttered, and ‘Raw’ just seemed like a Lucozade bottle.

Ultimately Harry Rugby’s team’s advert wasn’t that bad. It had a clear plot and had a nice message – be confident in who you are. It seemed at one point that they were going to go the She’s All That route, but I’m glad they didn’t. It wasn’t as hilarious as James thought it was, and it was a rip-off of various other adverts I can think of, like the Specsavers and Lynx adverts, but it was memorable. Unfortunately the teams only pitched to 4-5 advertising specialists and we didn’t get to see them pull many unfortunate faces. We haven’t really seen much of Nick Countdown Hewer this series either.

Anyway, it wasn’t a great episode and it was disappointing that Harry Rugby is still in, but maybe they need to keep more than two boys in the show and Gbemi wasn’t doing much. I thought Lizzie was very tactical in not saying much in the boardroom and Nick’s high praise for her pitching, and her win ratio, means that she’s a lock for the final.

Next week: The Buying task. My favourite!

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