Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 8

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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They’ve just finished showing the 8th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on More4 so time to collate some thoughts on it all.

The first episode started immediately after the last season ended, with Larry getting back with Cheryl until he realises that she does not ‘respect wood’ and had been the one leaving cup marks on Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s wood furniture. Over to a divorce lawyer whom Larry assumes is Jewish, but when he finds out is actually of Swedish origin fires and hires a Jewish lawyer he met in a restaurant who defended Larry’s right to share food from his plate from an all-you-can-eat buffet. Obviously this new lawyer is rubbish and Larry loses the house to Cheryl.

So Cheryl is now permanently out of the picture and there is no over-arching theme or story line to the season, except that half-way through Larry moves to New York for three months (at the same time as Jeff and Susie) in order to get out of attending an event for children with learning disablities. This plot point returns in the last episode when Larry again wants to get out of an event for children (organised by Michael J. Fox) and decamps to Paris – with Leon in tow both times.

Larry David made good use of Leon this season – there were some very funny set-pieces when a doctor thought that Larry had been beaten up by Leon, as partner-abuse, and when Leon proved Larry’s theory right that black people with glasses are always more respected than other people.

The Palestinian Chicken episode was one of the best, when Larry and Jeff frequent a Palestinian Chicken shop that their Jewish friends boycott. And Larry’s need to be honest and tell it like it is lands him in hot water when a friend uses him to tell his wife (played by the actress who played Janice in Friends) not to say ‘LOL’ all the time instead of just laughing, and then Jeff & Susie’s daughter asks him to tell Susie not to smack her lips so loudly after sipping a drink.

Other memorable moments include the man with one arm who no-one sees apart from Larry; his visit to a Jewish funeral with a disliked baseball player; his annoyance with Ricky Gervais who orders the most expensive bottle of wine from the menu and the waiter who eavesdrops on all his conversations; his therapist who doesn’t really understand the meaning of confidentiality; the angles in a Japanese bow; the death of Jeff & Susie’s dog, frozen yoghurt, a man with a vow of silence and shoddy parking.

Some uneven episodes but also some LOL moments this season. I’m not sure if Larry David will come back for another season, but then I thought the last season ended so well with the Seinfeld reunion. Having said that…..

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