Ringer: First 10 Episodes

“This is the story of two sisters who share the same face.”

So Sky Living has been showing Ringer, the new CW drama with Sarah Michelle Gellar playing twins, and has just caught up with the US airings and the first 10 episodes for its mid-season break.

It’s a soap-opera, and not a particularly good one (note the tag line above that it uses to open each episode) but it does have an interesting cast and is a perfect show for Living. Smg plays Bridget and Siobhan (a pair of identical twins of course). Siobhan has a rich husband and lives in New York but is a bit of a bitch. Bridget is a recovering drug-addict who was a witness to a mob murder and on the run. She goes to see her estranged sister and they go sailing but then Siobhan is lost overboard. Fear not – Siobhan just faked her death and ran away to Paris but nobody knows this. Bridget, on the run, and believing Siobhan to be dead, assumes her twin sister’s identity.

Siobhan, however, tries to get Bridget killed. And then gets her best friend, Gemma, kidnapped because she knows about the twins. Yeah: Siobhan had never told anyone, not even her husband, that she had a twin = likely. So Bridget is trying to stay on the run from the FBI/Mob and also work out where Gemma is and who is trying to kill Siobhan (she thinks the attempted murder on her was for her sister). Meanwhile, she’s falling in love with her twin’s husband and so doesn’t really feel like moving on/fessing up.

The interesting cast? Reed Richards as Andrew – Siobhan’s husband. Lux’s dad off of Life Unexpected, and also one-time neighbour of Don Draper, as Siobhan’s lover/husband of her best friend. Richard Alpert – the ageless guy on Lost – as the FBI agent looking for Bridget. Lemond Bishop as Bridget’s Sponsor. That woman off Hustle who was in the 2nd season of Dexter as Andrew’s (Siobhan’s husband – keep up!) business partner. And LOGAN ECHOLLS as Siobhan’s step-daughter’s English Teacher. Poor Jason Dohring, reduced to playing a bit-part character, at most 8th billing, in a failing CW drama. Not only that, he’s playing a rehashed 90210 plotline as a Teacher who may or may not have raped Smg’s step-daughter.

After the first episode, despite a few flashbacks, there has been little need for Smg to play herself against herself – with Bridget in New York and Siobhan in Paris and most of the focus on Bridget’s life in New York. Most episodes show Siobhan being all Mwahahaha on the phone and thats about it. But there’s not much difference in the way Smg plays the two sisters. At the end of the 10th episode, Evil!Twin has come back to New York so there may be some hijinks now they’re both in the same city. We’ll see.

Anyway things I’ve learnt from Ringer?

  1. The time difference between Paris and New York seems to be +0 hrs
  2. Gemma is pronounced Jimma by Americans
  3. Pregnancy sticks stay positive for months after use (or did Siobhan test a new one to leave for Tyler? – if so, they just stay positive for days)
  4. Keep mouthwash away from alcoholics; but it only takes a couple of days to recover from heroin addiction
  5. Amber Benson must really be finding it hard to find work after Buffy

The only reason I’m watching Ringer is because of the cast. If it had been a cast of unknowns this wouldn’t have gone past development. But, hey, it’s staying on my DVR list for after Xmas so it must be doing something right.

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2 Responses to Ringer: First 10 Episodes

  1. Tim says:

    I have to admit, I tuned in simply because it was SMG and then tuned out again after four episodes. I understand from other friends that it has improved, but I am staying strong and resisting. (I get my weekly share of trash by watching Terra Nova instead.) Now if Eliza Dushku were to suddenly turn up, then I might get interested … 😉

  2. It’s got better but it’s the kind of show you can easily dip in and out off. I was thinking of comparing it with the success of Dollhouse – better concept and better acting in Dollhouse but Dushku obviously didn’t/doesn’t have the mass audience pull of SMG…

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