The Killing II: Episodes 5 & 6

I saw The Killing II DVD advertised during the week and am wondering if it’s a bit of a spoiler? Why are Plough and Karina so prominent? But no Buch? No Strange? And Søgaard is there so that makes him even more suspicious.

Well the body count is piling up now. 6 episodes and 6 dead (assuming the priest is actually dead and doesn’t survive). Instead of guessing who the murderer is, I think we should be guessing who’ll die next. My money is on either the Colonel or Brix. To really set the cat among the pigeons.

Both episodes begin in the dark and in the forests. Oh, The Killing, please never change. Raben and Thomsen are running away from the murderer through the Swedish forests and come to her boat. Thomsen suggests that she and Raben should split up, and gets into her boat but then it blows her up. Poor Raben, with his conveniently selective amnesia, escapes once again back to Denmark and is now on his own. So he returns to the priest, who we have now found out was the army’s field priest and with Team Aegir in Afghanistan. I was shouting at the TV that the priest had suddenly become a suspicious figure (especially shouting at Raben not to hand over his gun to him) and he was added to my list of suspects, but by the end of episode 6, he was tied up in the crucifix position and barely alive.

Anyway, we do establish that the priest is a big fat liar. He lies to Raben that he had never met Anne Dragsholm, but has her business card; he lies on the phone to the police to say that Raben has kidnapped him at gunpoint when it is the other way round; and then lies to Strange again to say that Raben kidnapped him and that he had never met Dragsholm. The priest also went to Louise Raben telling her to arrange a meeting with Raben that would lead the police to him. But the Special Branch know where Raben is anyway and are following him. They’ve decided not to bring him in, but are using him as bait to lead them to the Killer.

In the Government story line, Defence Minister Rossing emerges as very suspicious. It turns out that he knew that former Justice Minister Monberg knew Anne Dragholm. It also turns out that Rossing made Monberg shelve a prison reform bill which would have allowed Raben out on parole. We find out that Monberg didn’t have a heart attack but actually took an overdose of pills. Buch gets Karina to come back to work with him to sort out the mess and make up with Plough. He also goes to meet Sarah Lund at her mother’s wedding to join up the dots about Raben and the Parole board. Throughout these episodes I was wondering if we would ever see Monberg, and that if we did whether he would be a Sean Connery style cameo. Well his appearance was shortlived as after Buch confronted him about his responsiblity for the murders, he jumped off the hospital stairs to his death. On Monberg, we hardly knew ya.

Meanwhile, suspicions are still honing in on Søgaard. Lund and Strange try to find out who the mysterious officer ‘Perk’ is that apparently killed the civilian family in Afghanistan and is probably the person killing everyone in the Squad to cover up his tracks. Everyone keeps on denying that there was ever an officer called Perk, including Søgaard, whom Lund goes to question in the army changing rooms. Note: Willy alert!

Lund and Strange manage to track down Perk though – it’s the nickname for an officer called Per K. Møller. However, they visit his mother and find out he died 3 months before the Squad incident in Afghanistan. Lund is convinced that there’s something suspicious about this all. Søgaard and the Priest had been at Perk’s funeral but denied they knew him; Anne Dragsholm had been asking questions about the funeral and the body to Perk’s mother, so Lund naturally assumes that it’s not Perks’ body in his coffin. She gets the coffin exhumed, but it’s only episode 6 – she can’t be right already – and it is identified as Perk’s body in the coffin. But, with the help of a note and flowers from Raben sent to Lund at her mother’s wedding, she goes back and finds out that Perk’s dog tag is missing. And that purchases are being made in his name. So someone has been using Perk’s name and dog tag.

Lund is up and down in these 2 episodes. First, Brix seems to accept everything she says and support her unconditionally. But after the exhumation fiasco, she’s off the case and being sent back to the ferry police. But first there’s her mother’s wedding with fig salad starter that she has to attend. And at least she is there for the wedding. But she has to leave during her mother’s speech as her brain keeps ticking away and she needs to follow up on the leads. At the end of episode 6, she finds the half-dead priest in his church and tries to chase after a shadowy figure so I think we can safely assume Brix will bring her back on the case again.

There seems to be a recurring theme in The Killing (apart from darkness and trees) and that’s the idea of someone who is known by different names/takes on different identities (I’m thinking of Vagn and his earlier incarnations as removal man/medical student). I don’t think Søgaard is the killer anymore. It’s too obvious! And there aren’t too many characters left – I don’t think it’s Colonel Jarnvig and as suspicious as the Defence Minister is, it’s got to be someone with an army background who is doing the actual murders. Bilal is still acting shady but I don’t think they’ll go down that route. I kind of still want it to be the priest but I know it can’t be. Such a shame there are only 4 episodes left.

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