Young Apprentice: Popcorn

“It’s a bit corny”

Yes, Lord Sugar, you are a bit corny and oh so cruel. How could you get rid of 4 candidates in one fell swoop like that? I admit you even made me feel sorry for Harry M.

So the episode began with Lord Sugar being dropped off in the middle of the road and interrupting the kidz playing one-handed volleyball in their garden. I noticed a golden cow on the lawn and that Zara was wearing a ‘Eros is a Rotten Shot’ t-shirt which costs $63. Dude, she must be minted. He tells the teams that the task is to make 2 flavours of popcorn to sell to 3 retailers. In Leeds. And that the whole losing team will be fired. And one of the winning team will be fired to leave 2 finalists. Sugar shuffles the teams again to put Harry H, Harry Rugby and Lizzie in one team; James, Haya and Zara in the other. Poor Lizzie’s face drops when she realises she is in the same team as serial-loser Harry Rugby – Harry H looks just as gutted when they’re riding in the taxi-cab together to Leeds.

Team H2L decide to go for an American themed popcorn to tie in with American movies. Harry Rugby has his own ideas that he’s gunning for (of course) and this time he’s fixated on the idea of ‘Smoochies’ – popcorn for sharing couples. He latches onto this idea as having a great USP and won’t give up even though Harry H and Lizzie hate it and decide to go for an ‘Empire State’ popcorn brand. Harry Rugby’s Smoochies idea brings up painful memories of the last serie’s biscuit task when Melody created the sharing heart-shaped biscuits and had the most cringe-inducing role-play in the pitches. Thankfully Lizzie finally convinces the Harrys to stay away from the Smoochies idea or who knows what kind of role-playing would have gone on in Morrisons.

The OTHER team, who frankly even without Harry Rugby I was convinced would lose because I was sure Lizzie and Harry H would be the finalists, go for a Mediterranean theme. They have a hard time coming up with names- Haya and Zara in particular throw up some long-winded suggestions such as Medi-Culture Corn and Mediterranean Fusion. James suggests Popcorn Popcorn which Haya loudly scoffs at, and so they finally go for ‘La Popcorn’, which Nick helpfully points out is a French title, not Mediterranean.

Team H2L go for the two flavours of BBQ chicken and Maple Syrup pancake. The OTHER team go for Chorizo and Tomato; and Feta and Olive. They have to make pitches to budget airline (who??), Odeon cinemas, and Morrisons. H2L decide to share the love and so each member gets to pitch – Harry Rugby to Morrisons, Lizzie to the airline and Harry H to the cinema. In the other team, James decides that winning is more important than equality and lets Zara pitch all three.

So after some pretty uneventful pitching – team H2L have a closing line of ‘God Bless’ (to be all American, natch); Zara suggests to Morrisons that they could sell 2-300 packets in each store, each week – we get to the boardroom and learn the figures.

For H2L, Odeon took orders of £5000 for each flavour for a total of £10,000; Jet2com took orders of £15,000 for the BBQ chicken flavour and £35,000 of the maple syrup flavour for a total of £50,000; and Morrisons took orders of £15,000 of each flavour for a total of £30,000 and a Grand Total of £90,000.

For the OTHER team, Oden ordered £5000 of the Chorizo and £10,000 of the Feta for a total of £15,000; Jet2com didn’t order any; and Morrisons ordered £50,000 of each flavour for a total of £100,000 and so a Grand Total of £115,000.

Poor Harry, Harry & Lizzie are fired immediately. They don’t even get to go home in his Rolls Royce. Although Lord Sugar gives them his business cards and tells them to call him. And then he has to decide who to fire in the winning team. It’s obvious it’s going to be Haya but Sugar makes all 3 talk about how much they’ve learnt over the ‘7 weeks’ and how much they’ve grown and how passionate they are about winning and about business; and Sugar, Karren and Nick patronise them all about ‘how great you young people are’. Sugar tells James that his theme tune should be ‘I completely disagree’, but I think it should be this (from the opening bit to each episode). And then he eventually fired Haya.

So the finalists are Zara and James. My money is now on Zara to win because I think they’ll try and have a girl win this series and because Nick would not stop going on about her wonderful pitching in this task!

Next week: The Old Candidates return. Mohammed! But in a suit that fits! Lewis! Oh I missed you so – please don’t disappoint me.

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2 Responses to Young Apprentice: Popcorn

  1. Tim says:

    Was it just me, or did Nick came across as a bit of a perv with his “she’s breathtaking” comment? (Yes, Nick, but what about her presenting skills?)

    I’m still far from convinced that Zara is all that strong as a candidate, but the final task should definitely favour her with its emphasis on creativity and presenting. Although she does get stuck with Mahamed, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  2. No, it wasn’t just you – Nick was definitely being pervy. Yeah, I think Zara is/was probably the 4th best candidate at best but I think Sugar will go for her. I can imagine her just ignoring Muhamad during the task next week.
    Thanks for the Harry M twitter link too. ST

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