Who Dares Wins (14 Jan 2012)

One of my favourite gameshows is Who Dares Wins – one of the National Lottery gameshows hosted by Nick Knowles. It’s one of the best ones to play along to – and you don’t even need to watch it to play along to at home.

The game has two teams of two – the Champions and the Challengers. The teams are ‘randomly’ put together too – no family/friends teams. There’s best of three rounds and then the money game. The team that gets to the money game are called the Champions, and then are allowed to carry on competing until they lose to one of the Challenger teams in the rounds.

Each round consists of a question wherein there is a list of answers. Examples: ‘Name as many countries ending with the letter ‘A” or ‘Name as many Morgan Freeman films as you can’ etc. Knowles tells the teams what the question is and then they bid off each other to say how many they think they can name – 5/6/15? It goes back and forth and sometimes the teams tactically try to push the bidding up and then withdraw to make the other team “name them”. If they don’t get as many as they say they can then the other team gets the point. As I said, it’s a best of three and if it goes to the third round then instead of bidding for the list, it’s a tie-break and so goes back and forth between the teams as they name them until one of them can’t.

In the money round, the winning team again has a list and they can answer up to 15. They must give answers in blocks of 3 – the first 3 correct answers gives £5000, the next correct 3 gives £10,000 and so on until 15 gives £50,000. However, if they get any wrong then they lose all their money so at each iteration of 3 they can stop and take the money. There are two money games per programme.

I’m going to try and put the questions up from the programme each week. So here goes for people to play along at home.

14 January 2012

1. Kevin Costner films

The challengers bid 10, but got the 10th one wrong.

2. Characters in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

The challengers bid 10, and got 10.

3. Beatles albums (UK releases only and only albums released while the band were together).

They got 5 right – the 6th one wrong, and the champions out.

* Money game: Countries located on or south of the Equator

They got to 12 and then withdrew.


1. Footballers who have scored 50 goals or more in the English Premier League

The champions bid 12, and got 12.

2. U2 singles in the Top 40 (including duets and collaborations)

The challengers bid 10, and got 10.

3. Britain’s best-selling men’s magazines (top 19 in 2010)

They got 3 right – the 4th one was wrong, and the champions out.

* Money game: Actors and Actresses who have appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

They got to 6 and then withdrew.

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