Who Dares Wins (21 Jan 2012)

The National Lottery game show with the lists. Two teams bid for the lists; it’s a best of three that goes to a tie-break for the 3rd game. And then the Champions play the money list – they can answer up to 15 for £50,000, but answer in groups of three and can withdraw after any iteration of three.

21 January 2012

1. Countries that have the Euro as their official currency

The champions bid 14 but lost it when they said Turkey as their 12th answer.

2. Acts that have had a UK No. 1 single or album since January 2010

Until October 2011. The challengers bid 10 but after 2 correct answers said Justin Bieber. Which is just wrong.

3. Tie Break: Champion Jockeys from 1960 to 2010

How funny. The first answer the challengers gave was A. P. McCoy. After 2 more right answers from both, the champions said Tony McCoy. They’re the same person – so the champions were out.

* Money Game: Nicolas Cage films

They struggled to get to 3 but did get 6 in the end and withdrew.


1. Types of Pasta

There are over 300 varieties. The challengers bid 8 and got 8.

2. Musicals nominated for an Oscar.

Any category for an Oscar, includes animations. The challengers bid 9, but failed after 2 by saying Carousel.

3. Tie Break: Characters in Thomas the Tank Engine

They got to 7 between them and then the Champions were out.

* Money Game: Historic Counties of England

Counties of England before they were split up, so no ‘North’, ‘South, ‘East’ or ‘West’ prefixes. They got to 9 and £15,000 and then withdrew.

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2 Responses to Who Dares Wins (21 Jan 2012)

  1. Chas McK says:

    Types of pasta is easy! And they should have got more Nicolas Cage films. Although based on your review of the earlier rounds they seem quite dumb.

    • Yeah, there are loads of pastas especially as you can include lasagne, ravioli, spaghetti, penne, linguine etc etc to start off with which everyone knows. And everyone knows more Nicolas Cage films than 6. The Champions have been defeated with each round, so they’re not the same teams.

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