Who Dares Wins (28 Jan 2012)

Another episode of the National Lottery- Nick Knowles fronted- game show with the lists. Outbid your opposing team to take control of the list. Get 2 lists right and then go on to the money game. Here answer the list in iterations of 3, with a maximum of 15 right answers to earn £50,000.

Unfortunately, this series the teams have all been cowardly and haven’t had an over-all good general knowledge. So far, the lists haven’t gone into the high numbers (late teens) and they haven’t really risked anything.

28 January 2012

1. Oscar-winning directors

The challengers bid 8, but only said recent film directors. They failed because they gave Sofia Coppola as their 7th answer.

2. Flags with yellow or gold in it

Neither team wanted it, so the bidding only went to 6 by the Champions. And they got them, eventually, and so the reigning Champions went through to the money list.

* Money Game: Top 40 hits by Beyonce (including duets and collaborations)

The Champions struggled to get 3 (£5,000) and then gave up.


1. Top 150 Novels sold in the UK since 2000

The challengers bid 12 and got 12. Helped by the use of 7 Harry Potter novels, and 4 Tolkein novels.

2. Actors and Actresses who have starred in any of the Lord of the Ring films

The challengers bid 7 and got 7.

* Money Game: Olympic Gold Medal winners in Track Athletics since 1980

They only got to 3 and withdrew. At least they didn’t go on as they wanted to say Colin Jackson.

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7 Responses to Who Dares Wins (28 Jan 2012)

  1. Chas McK says:

    How can you stop at 3 in the money game!!!!

    • Yeah, I would always go on – there’s not much to lose. But I guess when you really have no idea, then best to stop when you can.

      • Doug says:

        Yeah, I take your point, it was gutting to cash out on the 5k but I really needed the money, compared to some of the other money questions though I think we had a pretty tough one

      • Daley Thompson, Kelly Holmes, Carl Lewis (all definites). Your partner said Seb Coe but you shot her down. One of you also mentioned Denise Lewis. Let’s see how you do in the next show.

  2. Doug says:

    Yeah Carl Lewis was the annoying one, just couldn’t remember his name, and I really thought Seb Coe was in the 70’s, ah well

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