Birdsong (Part Two)

More dialogue. More linear. Lovely performance by Joseph Mawle as Firebrace. Some moving scenes with the soldiers’ letters. But also a predictable plot with Stephen Wraysford/Eddie Redmayne.

I want to go back to the front. We're going to Amiens aren't we?


Isabelle: Where have you gone?


Hello Boys

Even Firebrace's boy dies

Leave me alone. I went back to my husband but he is dead.

We're all going to die - except you

Not dead

Still not dead

Survives again

Weir = dead

The tunnel collapses. Everyone dies but Wraysford.

allo allo. ze war is over

Even Isabelle is dead. But you have a daughter

All my friends have died but at least I get a happy ending

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2 Responses to Birdsong (Part Two)

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  2. Dean says:

    hi,could u tell me the name of Isabelle’ little daughter,i mean the actor’s name.She is so cute.

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