TV Theme Tunes

After posting about ER yesterday, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for good tv theme tunes.

Of course, one of the best is the theme to Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti, but what tv show would be allowed a 2 minute 37 second opening anymore?


Lots of tv programmes don’t even bother with old-school theme songs anymore, with some quick graphics that then allow the viewers to get into the programme. But the current Game of Thrones does have the space in its opening to explore the maps of Westeros, and there’s a great rock version of the theme out there.


American telly has had lots of good original theme songs – Cheers, Friends, Knight Rider to name just a few. Joss Whedon shows have always had good themes. But what about British tv shows? I can’t really think of any really great ones apart from this. Only Fools and Horses was always pretty catchy, as was ‘Allo ‘Allo. The ooh-eeh-ooh of Doctor Who is iconic. Neil Hannon’s song for Father Ted fitted really well with the show. But what about recent years? Coupling and The Office reworked familiar songs, but they weren’t songs written specifically for their shows. Everything else I can think of are just short instrumental bits.

Maybe the best theme songs are from children’s telly/cartoons. They’re all up on youtube for nostalgia, but again mostly from the States. Examples include He-Man or Gummi Bears. But don’t forget this:

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4 Responses to TV Theme Tunes

  1. Sam Flowers says:

    I liked some of the Laurie Johnson soundtracks – particularly The Avengers. And for the Professionals I liked his theme-tune more than the show itself!

    I don’t know if you are familiar with the website Listal? It allows you to list your favourite TV, Films, Books, Music and Games – what you own and what you want – and to make all sorts of lists. It appeals to the anorak in me! I made a list on it of my favourite TV theme tunes – not sure if this link to it works but here goes –

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  3. Check out the TV theme tunes we have on this site – there’s thousands!

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