Who Dares Wins (11 Feb 2012)

The game show with the lists… Back after a week’s break because of the rugby, Who Dares Wins may slowly be getting back on track. The “champions” keep on changing, but the final team actually “dared” and “won”.

Previously on Who Dares Wins, teams were only going for £5000 on the money game and then withdrawing. One of the champions “Doug” commented on the blog about this – but the tone of his comments gave away the fact that his team didn’t go on to win again and we’ll see why (stumped by sports again).

11 February 2012

1. Angelina Jolie films

The champions bid 8 and got them relatively easily.

2. Top 50 cricketers who have scored the most test match runs for England

The champions felt very confident and bid 10. Now think about it – it’s the top 50 of all time and so is going to be heavily weighted by more modern cricketers because they play more games. W. G. Grace is not in the list. Best to go for top-order batsmen. The champions’ first answer was the bowler Fred Trueman. They lost the list.

3. Tie Break: TV or films that either Dawn French or Jennifer Saunders have starred in

They got to 7 between them and then the Champions were out because they said Blackadder.

* Money Game: Capital cities beginning with A, B, or C.

They gave up after 6 (£10,000), but should have gone on.


1. Actors and Actresses who have starred in more than 100 episodes of Eastenders

The new champions bid 10 and got them easily. Even minor characters have been in more than 100 episodes of the show.

2. Countries that are spelled with 6 letters of less

The challengers pushed the bidding up to 26, and got them easily with lots of familiar countries to spare.

3. Tie Break: Radio 1 Breakfast DJs

They got to 7 between them but then the champions said ‘Comedy Dave’ and they were out.

* Money Game: Greatest 100 Sci-Fi Films of all time

According to the August 2009 list by Total Sci-fi Online. The new champions started off slow, and after 6 (£10,000) thought about leaving but went on and kept on daring. They eventually got 12 (the maximum you can go up to is 15) and £25,000.


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