Who Dares Wins (18 Feb 2012)

Another week, another episode of Who Dares Wins. Previously, the champions won £25,000. And it’s the same champions who play both money lists in this show.

18 February 2012

1. 50 Wealthiest British People in the Music Business

According to the last Sunday Times “Rich List”. The challengers bid 11, but fail as they gave Charlotte Church as their 6th answer. Maybe 10 years ago, but not anymore.

2. Films based on Marvel Comic Characters since 1970

Nick Knowles even tells them that these don’t include DC films such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Watchmen.The challengers are two women and they bid 6, but the champions (two men) think because they’re women they won’t know any and tell them to name them. Of course, they get 6.

3. Tie Break: 10 most commonly used letters in the English alphabet

They get to 5 between them but the challengers say ‘u’ which is incorrect, and so the champions retain their title. The 10 letters are: a, e, i, o, s, r, t, c,l, n.

*Money Game: Top (most populous) 75 cities or towns in France

They only do 6 and get £10,000 even though they knew more and should have gone on. Top 75 means that any French town you’ve heard of is probably going to be on the list.


1. Al Pacino Films

The champions bid 7 and get them.

2. British Isles players in the 2011 Rugby Union World Cup

The challengers bid 9. They then say Martin Johnson for their second answer – who is of course no longer a player, and they’re out.

*Money Game: 33 instruments in a traditional symphony orchestra

The champions get up to 9 and £15,000. Again, they knew more and should have gone on but they doubted each other and have amassed £50,000 between them already.

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