Who Dares Wins (25 Feb 2012)

Another week and another episode of the Nick Knowles-fronted National Lottery game show with the lists. Some interesting questions this week – quite original – and some high numbers.

25 February 2012

1. Words in John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Any word that is in the lyrics of the song ‘Imagine’ written by John Lennon (includes words like ‘a’, ‘the’ etc). The Champions pushed the bidding up to 28 and got them very easily as they knew all the words.

2. Mammals in the UK

Not including domesticated or imported animals. The challengers bid 12 and named them easily taking it to a tie break.

3. Tie Break: Countries that border China

They got up to 5 and then the existing Champions said ‘Siberia’ – which is not an independent country and after winning £50,000 over the past couple of weeks they’re out.

*Money Game: 100 Highest Grossing Films since 2000

Up until October 2011, and according to imdb, the highest grossing films worldwide. The new champions started with the 8 Harry Potter films and then named 4 other films (including two Twilight films) to get to 12 and £25,000.


1. Celebrities who have appeared on QI

This includes the host, and up until January 2011. The Champions had to bid 15 but failed rather unfortunately at 6 by saying Al Murray, who they remembered seeing on the programme, but who appeared on QI after January 2011.

2. Michael Douglas Films

The Champions bid 10. They got the list without even saying Basic Instinct.

3. Tie Break: Singers who have won an Oscar since 1940

A singer who has had a UK Top 40 hit single who has also won an acting Oscar. They got to 3 with the Champions winning again, as the challengers said Judy Garland, which was incorrect. Neither said Catherine Zeta-Jones, which would have been right…

* Money Game: Sprinters who have broken the 10-second barrier in the 100 metres

The Champions only got to 3 and £5,000. But a total of £30,000 in the programme and they’ll be back next week.

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