Who Dares Wins (3 March 2012)

The last in the current run of the Nick Knowles presented National Lottery game show Who Dares Wins. From next week, Dale Winton’s In it to Win It  – far too basic a game show to worth watching or recapping. So another week of lists with a big money and a small money list.

3 March 2012

1. Footballers who have 50 or more England Caps

Anyone from 1872 to November 2011. The challengers got the bidding up to 16 but inexplicably said Ian Wright for their 14th answer. Both seemed like big football fans – one wanted to get a season ticket if they won – and should have known that Ian Wright did not play many games for England (33).

2. The 100 greatest guitarists of all time

As chosen by the editorial staff of Rolling Stone magazine. The champions bid 8 but failed. For their sixth answer they said Hank Marvin. They hadn’t even said Jimmy Page.

3. Tie Break: Presents in Twelve Days of Christmas

They had to say the right number and right gift i.e. five gold rings. It seemed quite simple to me, and I expected them to get to 12 between them. On the 5th answer, the challengers said 12 Lords-a-leaping, when there are of course 10. The reigning champions continued on to the money game.

* Money Game: Countries larger than the United Kingdom

Seemed like quite an easy list – most countries are bigger than the United Kingdom (in land area) and the reigning champions, who had already earned £30,000 from previous lists, got 15 correct answers and £50,000.


1. UK Top 40 Singles by Phil Collins

Including duets, collaborations and Genesis hits, but not Band Aid. Neither team wanted it but the champions bid 8 and failed by saying the Peter Gabriel hit ‘Solisbury Hill’ for their 5th answer.

2. World Heavyweight champions since 1960

The challengers confidently bid 12 and got them comfortably.

* Money Game: Men nominated for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor since 2000

They really didn’t have much of a clue – which is odd, as you need to know your film answers to be on Who Dares Wins. They got to 3 and then withdrew. But they’ll be back whenever the series comes back on our screens.

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4 Responses to Who Dares Wins (3 March 2012)

  1. fluffrick says:

    I’ve never quite got the hang of these Lottery-linked quiz shows – don’t they just get in the way for people who are waiting for the draw, or is that not a problem these days? Still, I’ve had always time for Nick Knowles, so I suppose that I should give it a once-over…

    In unrelated news, please have a ‘7 x 7’ award on me – I’ve nominated seven of my favourite bloggers, after being nominated myself, to write a post about their favourite pieces, with some interesting info and a list of seven of their favourite bloggers. Feel free to do with it as you will…

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