Gossip Girl: The 100th Episode

Gossip Girl, episode titled “G. G.”, aired 5 March 2012 on ITV2.

Wow, one hundred episodes of Gossip Girl – really? I remember when everyone was looking to Josh Schwartz’s new drama and wondering if he could relocate his success from Californian kids inThe O.C. to New York rich kids. Would he be able to relate when he couldn’t revert to just showcasing bands in the Bait Shop or whatever that club was called? I also remember when everyone was looking to it as Kristen Bell’s semi-return to serial dramas, and wondering if she would always only provide the narration or eventually appear on screen. Has it really been over 5 years since we knew who Blake Lively was or who Chuck Bass was?

So the 100th episode was a chance to see if Blair Waldorf would actually marry the French Prince with the dodgy accent, Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco. I didn’t think she would actually go through with it, but go through with it she did, despite all the obstacles in her way. From a scheming priest, her own mother, Chuck Bass, Serena van der Woodsen, and even Georgina Sparks, no one wanted her to marry the Prince. But even a video sent to Gossip Girl in which Blair declared her undying love for Chuck, which was sent just at the ‘does anyone object’ moment to everyone in the church, and everyone at the point thought to watch said video on their phones rather than keep them silent/off during the service, and on such a loud volume that even the potential bride and groom could hear everything. and … Yeah. So despite all that, they still went through the wedding, as Louis realised that marriage is just a business contract after all. And even though Blair was only marrying Louis because of a business contract she made with God, when he did the same thing, she had to run away. With Dan. Of course.

Ok, it was good to see Lex Luthor and Vizzini team up to take Blair down the aisle. It was nice to see Dorota all glammed up, but where was Vanya? It was good to see Rufus try and be useful for once by spotting Georgina. It was actually quite nice to see Georgina Sparks, before they ruined it by trying to pretend she was Gossip Girl at the end. I’m sure it’s just some bluff. It was not interesting to see Nate Archibald flirt with the *real* Charlie Rhodes. I know they always rehash the same storylines with Nate – mysterious girlfriend with a past connected to the other characters – but it’s getting too soapy. Gossip Girl used to be clever, and now it seems immature. I think I’m too old for this. I hope for better things for Leighton Meester, but also doubt it; Blair Waldorf is a great vehicle for her, but as we all know with Kristen Bell, sometimes you’re born to play one character and we should just remember the good times on DVD and forget about the lame romantic comedies their futures hold.

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