The Almighty Johnsons: Season 1 Finale

‘Every Good Quest has a Sacrifice’, Season 1, Episode 10 (Syfy UK, 5 April 2012)

With only a ten episode run, the first season of the New Zealand comedy-drama about reincarnated Norse gods has come to an end. The second season started back up recently in New Zealand and Syfy say it’ll be on UK screens later this year. Though only 10 episodes, a lot has happened over the season and especially in the final couple of episodes. We even met Loki, which I was clamouring for the last time I wrote about the show.


Loki is Colin, a lawyer who likes to play with fire, needs to have lots of sex, and has an estranged daughter called Eva. She’s a very powerful goddess whom everyone assumed was Frigg. Though, when the whole show is about the quest to find Frigg, you don’t expect to meet her in episode 8 and for Odin and Frigg to get married in episode 10 – or do you? In the penultimate episode, Eva (played by an actress who looks a bit like Amber Tamblyn) and Axl agreed to get married and signed a marriage contract along with her father and Axl’s guardian/eldest brother Mike (Ullr, god of games and the hunt). They didn’t know what they signed in the contract as it was translated for them by Agnetha, the head of the goddess clan determined to stop Odin and Frigg ever meeting. They should have been more suspicious, as when Axl wants to get out of the marriage because he finally realised that he’s in love with Gaia (Keisha Castle-Hughes), who we can now agree is not the Frigg either, Loki reveals that the binding contract stipulated that if there was no marriage then Mike would have to die.


It’s only in this episode that Ty (God of Cold) finally meets Eva and immediately there’s high energy between them. Ty is getting over the end of his relationship with Dawn (Anders’ PA) who he had to dump to protect. She has just got out of hospital after almost freezing to death after falling asleep while touching him, and Ty realises that he can’t stay in a relationship with a mortal. And the first rule for Norse Gods is don’t tell mortals about your powers, as Axl realised in the last episode when his mortal best friend Zeb almost got his whole face burned off from a bbq. Of course Zeb doesn’t mind as he recovers really well, after wearing some amusing bandages over his whole face and eyes, and I’m sure he wants to remain Robin to Axl’s Batman. But back to Ty and Eva – when they meet they start fighting and the flowers and food around them start to decay. The two oracles, Ingrid and Olaf, realise that Eva was not Frigg after all but instead the Goddess of death. But the marriage contract is still binding in that one from each family must marry to prevent Mike’s death, and Ty decides (with Eva’s consent) that he will marry her instead of Axl.


This should free Axl up for Gaia but after a series of mixed messages, she goes back to her boyfriend Jacob, and also decides to move out of their flat-share. It remains to be seen whether she returns in the next series. Meanwhile, Mike’s wife Valerie is finally pregnant but not with Mike’s child. It’s with Coma Rob, her ex-fiancee who miraculously came out of his 15-year coma a few weeks ago, and it’s up to Mike to move out. But this means that father-figure Mike who always encouraged Axl to follow his heart is now free to follow his own destiny. And now that he’s not going to die decides to embrace his powers of the game and to pursue the ultimate game – to find Frigg.

Mike and Axl

The episode ends with Anders confronting Agnetha, the goddess mastermind determined to prevent the gods from realising their powers. She’s the goddess of fertility. She’s very rich. In fact she’s the owner of the vodka company that Anders runs the PR for. And when Anders confronts her through flirtation, she reveals a massive twist. Remember that their mother had abandoned the four brothers when Axl was a baby because she wanted to be a tree? Well apparently Agnetha is that mother. It remains to be seen how they explain this away – why did Mike at least not recognise her, if not the younger brothers? And why is she so determined to stop her sons from fulfilling their quest?

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