What are Channel 4 doing with ‘New Girl’?

Last seen on 16 March, Channel 4 suddenly pulled New Girl from their schedules after showing eleven episodes just as it was getting into its stride. There’s still no news when it’ll return with the second half of the season.

One of the reasons I’ve seen given is that they needed a hiatus to catch up with the US run which is just wrong on so many levels. They started in January precisely so they wouldn’t need to stop half way through. And New Girl ends in a couple of weeks in the US so there was no need for catching up with 13 episodes left to air.

When it does come back, and it’s not coming back in the next few weeks at least, it will probably not come back at the Friday 8.30pm slot on Channel 4. And I think herein lies the explanation for the removal of New Girl from the schedules. I don’t think it’s been the mainstream, Friends-substitute-hit, that the Channel 4 programmers expected it would be. It’s probably not as broad or mainstream as Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother (which are shown on E4). And so, they’ll put it on later, possibly hidden away somewhere, when really they should have just started it on E4 at the beginning (as I said at the time).

But despite some of my doubts at the beginning of the series, I think it has grown as a comedy as the characters have become more fleshed out. The stand-out star of the show is of course Schmidt aka Max Greenfield aka Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars. He makes a douchebag sympathetic. He used to be fat but now he’s obsessed with cleanliness, cooking and order. He works in an all-female company – have pity on him! They’ve also rounded out Nick (Jake Johnson) to be more than just a potential love interest for Jess. I wonder if he’ll ever figure out his life in the show and become a lawyer again or remain a bartender forever. Zooey Deschanel has been fun and I like the way that they address that her sunny persona can be naive and just plain wrong sometimes. Hannah Simone as Cece is great fun too and I hope she gets some more opportunities because of this show. They just need to work on Winston a bit more, although he is good for reaction shots. They’ve also had some good guest stars – Justin Long & Lizzy Caplan – and good ones coming up – Ryan Kwanten & Dermot Mulroney.

It’s not going to change the world. It’s only about 20 minutes long. But it’s inoffensive. Unlike 2 Broke Girls which E4 is starting this week. I had high hopes for Kat Dennings after Nick and Norah’s Playlist (and where has Michael Cera run away to after being ubiquitous a few years ago?), but 2 Broke Girls is just not good or funny. But perhaps it has a broader sensibility and is easier to dip in and out of than New Girl which has more structure and plotting over the season. Even if they just want to burn off the run, I just wish Channel 4 would bring it back already.

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3 Responses to What are Channel 4 doing with ‘New Girl’?

  1. Anton Gully says:

    They split show seasons in half all the time. They did the same with TBBT. While they have New Girl parked they’ve been running various specials and The Million Pound Drop (that show singularly does not interest me as something to watch on a Saturday morning, whereas the regular diet of Channel 4 sit-coms shown on a Friday night is perfect for hangovers). I expect it’ll be back straight after TMPD stops.

    • Hi: yeah, I know, but they don’t normally split shows which they start in January – they usually split shows that they start in October/November. I hate The Million Pound Drop too and just wish it was over already.

  2. So, New Girl is finally coming back on Tuesday 10 July on E4. Just 4 months after it was pulled off the schedules.

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