Homeland: The First Season

So, Homeland has just finished its 12-episode first season run on Channel 4. And what a great show it has been. A brilliant first episode and it ended with a very strong episode, while generally maintaining a good level throughout.

A short run (though no means short by UK series standards) meant that the tension and pace was kept up throughout and it didn’t get too bogged down within itself.

However and despite such an excellent first season, I’m not particularly excited about the next season. I have doubts that they’ll keep up the quality. What has been a show with tight plotting (although with many absurdities and coincidences in it), can only go for the more absurd to keep viewers entertained next time.

Will they continue to focus on Brody and follow his attempts at political influence, and Carrie’s attempts to recover from her various ordeals? Or will they bring in some new protagonists, some new terrorist colleagues, and some new pressing situations?

So here is a list of things I don’t want to happen in the next season:

  • I don’t want Carrie to return to the CIA. She’s out. They’ve all said there’s no way she can get back in – Saul repeatedly – so the only way I could believe she would be given her job back is if they find out that she was right all along about Brody. Which they obviously won’t.
  • I don’t want a ‘Will they, Won’t they’ romantic story between Carrie and Brody in the 2nd season. It worked well in the first season but there’s no way that he would get back together with her. Ever. She needs to move on and also trust her instincts.
  • I don’t want Carrie’s memory loss (and it seems inevitable that she will have some short-term memory loss after all the foreshadowing) to be fixed in the last episode just before another terrorist attack is about to occur. Or some such. In fact, I don’t want Carrie to have any amnesia at all. That would be great and original.
  • I don’t want any more flashbacks with Damian Lewis in dodgy wigs.
  • I don’t want too much focus on Brody’s children or his wife. They’re boring.

But I would like more Virgil. And I do want Brody’s tape to be aired. In fact I just want someone to find out that Carrie was right all along. But that’s the great thing about tv isn’t it, when you get invested in the choices that the characters make and actively will them along.

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