BAFTA Television Awards 2012

Well that was a disappointing telecast. Extremely awkward banter between the award presenters. I mean, EXTREMELY awkward. Some awkward bits in Dara O’Briain’s opening monologue. And then at the end, they ran through some of the awards they hadn’t shown in the main programme, including pretty major awards like best Comedy Programme (won by Stewart Lee); best Single Drama, and some randomly titled award (Best feature?) won by Great British Bake-Off.

So a quick summary of the television programme of the BAFTA Television Awards. Appropriate Adult won the major acting awards for best male actor, female actor and female supporting actor for Dominic West, Emily Watson and Monica Dolan. Dolan and West spoke well about the neglect of children in care and abuse cases. Best male supporting actor went to Andrew Scott who plays Moriarty in Sherlock. Steven Moffat was awarded a Dennis Potter lifetime achievement award by Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith. I wished he had talked more about Press Gang, which I think was his best work. Celebrity Juice won the only award voted for by the public, for best/most popular programme. I have never watched it, and still have no intention of watching it. And Academy Fellowship went to Rolf Harris. That was nice; I haven’t thought about Rolf Harris for a long time, and it felt a bit random when they announced it, but he did make everyone smile when he walked up on stage.

The ‘show’ was let down by an awkward start by Dara O’Briain, who slowly got better as the show went on. He did make a good joke in his opening about how the winners would be announced, but then John Terry would come on and pick up the awards. And was funny when he was nominated for best entertainment personality, but lost out to Graham Norton – who was not there as he has just been presenting Eurovision in Azerbaijan yesterday. But the two-people combo- award hosts were excruciating. It was reasonably funny when Dominic West came on with Emilia Fox and couldn’t read the autocue so had to make Emilia read his lines for him, but then just became weird as she tried to banter. It was awkward when Jeremy Piven and his co-award person tried to make conversation about his beard. It was horrendous when Bruno Tolioni and Alex Jones from the One Show made stupid jokes about critique-ing performances or something. Alexander Armstrong and Jenny Agutter were “pointless” and cringe-worthy. The two people from The Only Way is Essex were not funny, although they tried. Kayvan Novak and Sofie Grabol obviously had some kind of skit going too, but somewhere it fell flat. There were some other couples where it just didn’t work, but were immemorable. If this wasn’t live, they should have cut some of these bits, to give more time to the awards they didn’t show.

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