Line of Duty: Episode 5

What a shame it’s over.

We start as we left off with Steve Arnott and his hand in a vice in the abandoned warehouse. Kate Fleming has revealed that she’s an undercover anti-corruption officer. And DCI Tony Gates is being blackmailed by the Scottish Man on the Phone to murder Arnott and yet still remain in his pay or Jackie Laverty’s body and the knife that killed her will be released to the police, with Gates’ prints all over them.

Gates returns to the warehouse with his siren which scares off the ruffians apart from the young boy, Ryan, whom he handcuffs. He can’t go through with killing Arnott and runs away. When the police and Kate arrive, Arnott doesn’t admit that Gates was there – out of loyalty as he did not kill him. He arranges with Nige (Neil Morrissey) to see Gates later, but his colleagues have a tail on Arnott and they soon realise that he’s trying to protect Gates. What has been good about this series is that most people have realised what has been going on quite quickly -in fact they’ve actually been quite good policemen and detectives. Gates is on the run though because the criminals have killed his dog and he fears for his and his family’s safety. The only way he can stop running is if he finds the criminals. He convinces Arnott that this is the case and that he had nothing to do with the murders or criminal activity. He even says that he didn’t pull Cottan and Deepak off the surveillance on Greek Lane. Why Arnott at this point doesn’t question Cottan about why he said that Gates told him to come off the surveillance is anyone’s guess.

It now becomes apparent to the viewers (or at least me) that Cottan is the inside informer to the Scottish Man on the Phone who we establish is called Tommy. He even makes a mysterious comment to his superior about how he entered the force because he met a man when he was a caddy who taught him all about life, obviously referring to Tommy. And then Gates catches Tommy in a golf club and drags him to his car. Gates is wearing a wire, given to him by Arnott, and manages to get Tommy to confess to ordering the hits. Having got his confession, Gates gets out of the car and talks to Arnott about how there is no escape. Tell his family that he died in the ‘Line of Duty’ he tells him and puts himself in front of lorry that instantaneously kills him.

We see Cottan – who I realised has the nickname Dot because of Dot Cotton from Eastender – talk to Tommy and tell him to pretend that there are Al Qaeda links to throw the case out. And then the film ends as if it were a programme about a real-life squad with slo-mos and captions. We see that Kate actually had a son and returns to her family. Arnott has to testify about the non-terrorist murder that happened at the beginning of the series. Cottan becomes an inspector and no-one knows he is corrupt. And Gates is buried. He wasn’t “bent” after all. He just got in with the wrong woman – Jackie Laverty – and things escalated beyond control. They never find Jackie Laverty’s body though. Is it still in that poor man from last week’s flat?

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