Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls is back for a second series on E4. It’s the British attempt at an American summer camp drama that doesn’t quite compete. Following 3 British men – Flynn (Scottish pretty-boy who gets all the girls, but also has a life-threatening illness), A-Rab (Asian, semi-sensible, was in love with a girl last summer) and Barry (the stupid one) – who work at an American summer camp, it wants to be as successful as the Inbetweeners or Skins, but isn’t.

It’s on after the brilliant, campy goodness of ‘Revenge’ which is about half way through it’s series on E4. ‘Revenge’ has been surprisingly watchable although I wonder how it will keep it up next season. Beaver Falls, though, tries to go for more outright ‘comedy’ or slapstick, and is more predictable. The second series starts off with the main camp guidance counsellors all arrested on the day before the camp starts after a night of drunken mishaps. Watch the flashback to see how they got to this stage and then how they recover as the camp finally starts up. Apart from the three British guys, the main characters are the camp leaders – Bobby and his (estranged wife), various female love interests, and the group of boys that Flynn, A-rab, and Barry looked after last time. They’re also a typical group of misfits – the slightly overweight, unlucky in love boys that bonded so well with the British boys last summer.

It’s a British production, shot in South Africa, and although only three of the characters are officially British in the show, many of the Americans are played by British actors. This means that there are a LOT of dodgy accents in it. They’ve even got queen of the dodgy American accent – the girl who played Michelle Fowler’s daughter in Eastenders, in this second series as PJ, the daughter of Bobby, the camp manager. So it’s all a bit predictable (although Barry did get the hot girl and A-rab did not get Rachel), and has some extremely dodgy accents, and I can’t imagine the target teen audience likes it that much – but what do I know? But for the summer, it’s light watching when there’s nothing else on (and there won’t be anything else on tv at all after the Olympics end).

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