Them From That Thing

Or the full title is ‘C4 Comedy Presents: Them From That Thing’. A two-part half-hour sketch show over two consecutive nights. I don’t know if it was an attempt at a pilot for a longer series or just these two-off episodes. As with all sketch shows there was some good sketches and some that fell flat, but probably erred to the side of the good. But it wasn’t ever laugh-out-loud funny. It did have an excellent cast though. The four main contributors were Sally Philips, Kayvan Novak, Blake Harrison and Morgana Robinson. Yes them from those things. Sally Philips has been around for ages, hasn’t she? Kayvan Novak almost seems like a senior, established comic actor now. Blake Harrison from The Inbetweeners continues to show range. And Morgana Robinson seems like a good actor.

The show also had appearances from lots of other familiar comic (and not so comic) faces. Jane Asher. Simon Callow. The real person behind Angelos Epithemou. Dennis Lawson. Ewen Bremner. Simon Quinlank.

A mixture of the absurd and some were just plain funny. Simon Callow as an ‘artistic’ type (i.e. himself) who continues to order one items from the supermarket to see Blake Harrison the delivery man. The cops who wish they had a murder case. The guy with his arm on fire in an office meeting who has to wait until it comes up on the agenda. The hypnotists who hypnotise each other. The body swaps. The salespeople who pretend they would sleep with a customer if he buys their jacket. The Russell Crowe look-a-like con. A talking blancmange.

Yeah, some of it sounds good and was good. Some of it wasn’t. But good to see some of these faces on tv and getting employed at this end of summer tv graveyard. I don’t expect much more.


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