This Week on TV

So I always look forward to Downton Abbey, even if it’s slightly preposterous and soapy, so what was trailed as the BBC upmarket version, Parade’s End, with everyone’s favourite posho Benedict Cumberbatch, and well-seasoned actors such as Rebecca Hall, Janet McTeer, Stephen Graham and Rufus Sewell should have been right up my alley, right? Right? Non.

Good Cop, though, the Liverpudlian police drama with Warren Brown and Stephen Graham (again), sounded like a run-of-the mill BBC drama, but was in fact rather gripping. It had a measured pace to it – not running through things too quickly – a mix of characters and stories, and yet a linear story that also makes sense. Yes, it starts as a flashback, but it doesn’t have all the modern changing around, confusion and politics of Parade’s End. I look forward to the next 3 episodes as Rocksavage (yes, that is his surname) exacts his revenge over the murderers of his police colleague but probably not without dire consequences.

The Revolution Will be Televised (BBC Three) is like a mix of Dennis Pennis, Ali G and Dom Joly but with younger people and there are two of them. It’s quite good actually. They have Dale Maily, a right-wing journo who thinks all socialists are scum; they have James and Barnaby – Conservative and Lib Dem politician in coalition who attend party conferences and mayoral election results where politicians actually believe they’re real; they put up signs in big businesses who don’t pay their full share of tax and get away with it by pretending they’re from head office; they taunt bankers – what’s not to like?

And with Doctor Who returning on Saturday, the BBC web-series ‘Pond Life’ has been a fun diversion before the main event. Why is Amy Pond in distress and what has happened to Rory? Only one day to find out…

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