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BBC and Scheduling

Good Cop – the BBC drama with Warren Brown as John Paul RockSavage, the Liverpudlian copper who has taken it upon himself to avenge the murder of his police partner – has disappeared from the schedules. The last episode was … Continue reading

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“Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed!” With lines like the above, you’d think you were in a cheesy romantic comedy with Hugh Grant, instead it’s a very good comedy with Greg Davies, Andy Samberg, Helen Baxendale and Tyger Drew-Honey. Starting … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey: The Third Series Begins

It’s back. Da da da da da da da Downton Abbey. With Shirley Maclaine. Yes, Shirley Maclaine as the mother of Cora – everyone was so excited about it. They built up her arrival for the first hour of the … Continue reading

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The Scapegoat

Short Review: Loved it. Martin Guerre. Remember that? Or perhaps the Richard Gere/Jodie Foster ‘Sommersby’. The Man in the Iron Mask. The Devil’s Double. Kevin Kline in Dave. All films with ‘look-a-likes’ and people assuming identities. The Scapegoat was kind … Continue reading

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The Bletchley Circle

I don’t normally watch dramas on ITV, especially not crime dramas, but Anna Maxwell Martin was slumming it, so I thought I might as well too. The Bletchley Circle is set in 1951 and is about four women who used … Continue reading

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