“Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed!”

With lines like the above, you’d think you were in a cheesy romantic comedy with Hugh Grant, instead it’s a very good comedy with Greg Davies, Andy Samberg, Helen Baxendale and Tyger Drew-Honey.

Starting off with a girl being sick on a beach, it was like the ‘Inbetweeners Movie’ and the heroine is played by Tamla Kari who was indeed in the same movie. Davies (another Inbetweeners alumni) and Baxendale play Ken and Lorna, parents of Rachel – a gap year student who returns from Thailand with her new husband “Cuckoo” (Samberg). He’s been travelling for the last twelve years and is:

“Part teacher, part visionary, part firebrand, part friend”

Obviously the Dad, Ken, doesn’t particularly like or get ‘Cuckoo’, but Rachel and Lorna love him. Especially as he likes Lorna’s Jacket Potatoes. Baxendale is the unlikely star of this comedy – brilliant with her Salt ‘n’ Pepa “Push it. Push it real good” rendition near the beginning. Tyger Drew-Honey (the eldest son in ‘Outnumbered’) plays the brother of Rachel, who like his father, is unimpressed with his new brother-in-law, but then is also unimpressed with his sister.

So Rachel, back from her gap year, decides instead of going to Bristol University that she’ll live at home (her parents’ home) with her husband and go to uni locally. Cuckoo meanwhile will work on his ‘book’ – though by the end of the episodes he’s bought a jacket potato van for 10 grand.

It’s funny. Good acting all round including by Samberg (who was pretty good in ‘I Love You Man’). Some very witty lines given to all characters. Rachel is the only straight-girl in it really. And a good plot to it. One of the best British sitcoms I’ve seen for a while. Let’s hope it stays like this beyond this pilot.

Can’t leave a post about Andy Samberg without a rendition of this though:

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