Hunted: Episode 2

So apparently my excitement for new BBC drama-by-the-makers-of-Spooks Hunted was not shared by very many critics. They’re all obsessed with Melissa George’ pout. But I’m still concerned by her wavering accent.

More of a punch-up episode this time around and less of the intrigue and suspense – although there were hints of something with Sam’s ex boyfriend visiting a hotel room with Indira Varma and the top boss (Kiel?) visiting another hotel room (or the same?) with a naked woman with bruises – was she a prostitute or lover? I’m sure more questions will be raised before any answers.

Anyway, the ethnic team member got killed off first. Hasan was picked up by the the henchmen of Jack Turner – the one character we know is definitely a criminal and looks like a criminal. They were tipped off by the *MOLE* that he had attempted to kidnap Turner’s grandson – the nice kid who warms Sam’s cold heart. Sam had to go and kill off Hasan before the torturers forced him to reveal any of Byzantium’s secrets, but she actually tried to let him go – but then (in a very stupid move) attacked Sam and so she speared him. There was more fighting with a new mysterious assailant who is after Sam and who shot her old friend in the head. Sam and this man had a punch up by the canal, falling into a houseboat together before he ran away.

So there’s a mysterious briefcase, that the scary villain from last week with the pale face and eye-syringe brings to Turner which then goes onto one of his friends. There are various people trying to kill Sam – not sure if they’re in cahoots or not. She’s still having flashbacks to the murder of her mother – presumably there’s going to be a connection. There have been various references to Pakistan and a picture of Meera Syal last week so I’m sure she’ll turn up at some point. And Sam is still working hard on her evidence board – now with snazzy printer and drawing pins – but still no closer to who betrayed her or who the *MOLE* is. Lots of lots of characters, various sub-plots running together (is the ex-special forces guy going to have more to him than meets the eye), dodgy accents, but I’m still gripped.

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