Good Cop: The final episode

While in the middle of watching the final episode of Good Cop, I thought to myself that it was a shame that this series would have to end and we couldn’t see more ongoing series just following Sav and Amanda being ‘Good Cops’ around Liverpool. But then, as if the programme-makers had heard my thoughts, the episode and series ended so open that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a second series. But, then again, after the final murders committed by John Paul Rocksavage in this final episode, it seems untenable for them to come back and for him to continue to get away with murder, literally.

So, we had left off with Sav trying to avenge the murder of his police partner Andy. He had killed Stephen Graham in the first episode, and his 2nd in command the next. There was another bloke, Jonjo, who also killed Andy but the police had no evidence to link him to the murder of Andy or the other murders, so Sav had left his gun in Jonjo’s house.

However, in this episode, Sav decides to go back to Jonjo’s house and retrieves the gun. Admittedly, he is scared off by a SWAT team and so has to make a hasty decision, but I don’t know why he took the gun and didn’t leave it there to frame Jonjo. They can’t link him to any of the murders but they can convict him on a minor drugs charge. Sav is furious and this time he let’s everyone know.

Fastforward to the end of the episode, the same gun has been found to have been used in the murder of a tax-accountant. There’s obviously a bigger kingpin who had been directing Stephen Graham’s smaller criminal gang. But then there’s also a small duo (in an unrelated crime spree?) who are going round assaulting young women in town. Amanda, Sav’s partner, agrees to be a ‘goat on a long rope’ and act as bait, but her colleagues are too slow to prevent an attack and though Sav pursues the duo he’s not allowed to go over the speed-limit and has to let them go. However, a petty thief who we met earlier in the series agrees to keep his ear to the ground and gives Sav a call in the middle of the night. He’s spotted the duo and their dirt bike. Sav picks up his gun and goes to the warehouse alone. He shoots the assaulter in the head and is then surprised by the petty thief who had shown up and shoots him too. Four murders now by Sav, all with the same gun. He runs away back home and the series and episode end with him distraught but reading from Crime and Punishment to his ill father.

He hasn’t been caught (yet). But surely it’s going to be difficult to hide this now, especially as his emotional state can’t keep up with this all. They could just leave it open-ended like this, plenty of programmes do, but there was also no resolution with Cassie, the mother of his estranged daughter (Libby). If it comes back, I think it will have to go into the absurd. Sadly, the sedate police drama following Sav doing good things around Liverpool is not possible anymore. He’s crossed the line. But it has been a good drama, following a character who is neither Good nor Bad, and some commendable acting by many of the character actors involved. Let’s leave it at that.

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