Hunted: Episode 3

Episode 3: ‘Hourglass’

So I didn’t know the title or theme of the episode when I started watching this week’s spy-drama Hunted, but was watching the opening credits with the revolving hourglass and wondered why they had used the motif. Was it because time was running out for Sam? No, because the larger conspiracy of the programme surrounds a mysterious group called ‘Hourglass’.

I’m not sure we’re sufficiently invested in Sam and her relation with people in Byzantium to be concerned with Hourglass yet. In particular, so much of this third episode was focused on Sam’s former lover, Aidan. We now know that he is the ‘mole’, passing on secrets to MI6 via his new lover Natalie (Indira Verma). But he didn’t betray Sam, and still wants her to trust him (but won’t tell her about his MI6 mole role). So there are lots of betrayed expressions from both Indira Verma and Melissa George towards ‘Aidan’, but the actor himself is a bit of a blank.

The most interesting character is the little boy, Eddie, who’s still traumatised by the fake kidnapping of the first episode and oblivious to the fact that his grandfather is not just a bit of an East End gangster but routinely murders business associates, and anyone he doesn’t like or who gets in his way of his business. The episode started like an episode of The Killing with a guy called Lars and his wife driving in the dark on a deserted road, before being stopped by a young man claiming to be in trouble and running away from a person with a knife. Of course, this was just a ruse to get into the car and then attack Lars. Lars, we later found out, was a business partner of Jack Taylor’s who wasn’t being co-operative about the big bid on the Pakistani dam which has dominated the storyline of the first part of the series.

So lots of murders in this episode – at least 6 on my count; the mole has kind of been revealed, and now we know that “Hourglass” are the name of the people who want to kill Sam. We still don’t know why they feel so threatened by Sam, nor the story about her mother, nor really her relationship with the other Byzantium members. We’re getting there slowly, but that’s it. After an explosive first episode, it seems to be tailing away and slowing down a bit. I’m still in though and hope there’s a good payoff at the end of all of this or I’ll be seriously disappointed.

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