Hunted: Episode 4

Would they kill their heroine in episode 4? Would they?

Well, everyone stepped up to the plate this episode and with a massive cliffhanger, the screws are really turning. The 4th episode of Hunted ended with a Aidan near the blast of a building, but I’m pretty sure he’ll survive, and Sam being stabbed in the eye by the scary, silent, pale-faced man. I’m not sure how she can survive, but also how she can’t for the story’s sake. Thankfully the ‘Next Time’ addendum didn’t give it away as they didn’t show Sam or Aidan, nor did they mention if they were dead or alive. I wonder if we’ll find out that the pale-faced eye-stabber guy isn’t a villain after all, but trying to help Sam? Why has he been observing her so closely? Or perhaps the mysterious woman in the house opposite will come and help. I wonder, if also, the murder of Sam’s mother is going to be linked to Hourglass¬†and MI6 with their regular George Smiley-type character. And how does the scary eye-stabber man get acting jobs other than those where he’s an evil madman. His face just screams ‘psycho’.

As I said, all the characters stepped up this week and it was much more interesting. The best character still remains the child Eddie and Melissa George’s accent was very ‘South African’ today and still remains very annoying and confusing. I’m concerned about the priest that Deacon is confessing to though – perhaps he’s unwittingly a mole too, although it has been pretty much confirmed that Aidan is the mole to Natalie at MI6. Why MI6 would want to let Jack Turner’s thugs know where Hassan was though, I don’t quite get, but as ever Keel also remains either ahead of the game or also rather suspicious. We also got a new subplot with the other Byzantium colleague Zoe and her paraplegic boyfriend. They’re certainly building up the characters now and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunted goes into another series, even if Sam doesn’t survive. And as much as I’d like for them to be daring enough to kill off Sam, there are still so many unanswered questions about her mother, Tangiers and Hourglass that I hope she isn’t. At least not yet. But if the eye-injection sorts out her dodgy accent, then all the better.

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