Hunted: Episode 5

The conspiracies are ratcheting up and now it’s getting interesting. Hourglass appears to be related to 5 super multinationals, and some of the Byzantium directors are involved too. It all goes back to Sam’s abduction as a child when her mother was killed and she was taken to a mysterious building with turrets. And the eye-injection scary man is not evil after all (of course!) but trying to help Sam. He still killed a Dutch scientist though, and though Deacon grapples with the moral dilemma of allowing an innocent couple to get killed, there are an awful lot of murders and deaths in this episode.

Including the death of George Ballard, the MI6 guy who was filing things away for Hourglass. Bye George, we hardly knew ya, but you did have a great scene with our Rupert Keel before you slung off, and managed to let Sam know quite a bit about the conspiracy within a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, Aidan is and was definitely the mole, though he continues to hoodwink his Byzantium colleagues, and is hiding a secret past too. But he’s definitely (maybe) trustworthy for Sam, and helps her find out a few things. But the Turner case is still going on, with the introduction of Meera Syal as a Pakistani Presidential candidate who’s putting a spanner in the work. And as ever, young Eddie remains the heart of the show. Keep it up Hunted.

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