Young Apprentice. Series 3, Week 3

In the beginning bit of each episode of this series of Young Apprentice where they show bits of whats to come in the series, there’s a clip where Navdeep and Maria admonish someone for ‘poor management’. About 15 minutes into this episode, I realised that we would see the context for that clip in this episode and they would be talking to Andrew. Howver, despite all the heavy signposting that Andrew’s team might lose at the buying task this week because (a) of his poor management, (b) the sub-team didn’t leave to go buying till about 3pm (having started the day at about 8am) and (c) they only got 5 items; the other team, who seemed more organised, only got 5 items too and incurred more fines because of the particular items they didn’t get and because they were late.

As ever with the buying task, there are a range of 10 items the teams had to get before the end of the day and for the cheapest price. This time, they were loosely tied in with opera at the London Coliseum – home of the English National Opera – where the teams met at the start of the day. But I’m not sure what 2 taxidermied rats have to do with an opera, or a second-hand German car – would it be used on stage or to ferry performers around?

Team Platinum this week were Steven (project manager), David (sub-project manager – talking about dogs again at the start), Ashleigh, Lucy and Amy.

Team Odyssey were Andrew (PM), Alice, Maria, Navdeep and Patrick.

The 10 items then?

  1. 100% human hair – 18 inches long. Ashleigh managed to get it for £37.50; Alice for £37.99
  2. A second hand German car with road tax and that can drive back to the Coliseum. Andrew got  20 year old Merc with £200 off for £650; Steven and Ashleigh were unable to find one – having looked at a Beemer – that had valid road tax.
  3. An electronic cash register. Amy got one for £150 (David, Amy and Lucy’s haggling tactic throughout this task? Whine and beg). Andrew and Alice were told of one that they didn’t go to get, and then found one in a boutique but ran out of time before the owner would deign to talk to them as she was dealing with a customer…
  4. 150 white votives i.e. candles. Navdeep managed to get these in deal with the next item
  5. A candelabrum. Navdeep got this and the above for £40, down from £54.95. The other team thought it was pronounced can-dell-uh-bum and that it was either a drum (Steven) or went in a washing machine (Ashleigh). Poor dears. But seriously, not that difficult or obscure of a word.
  6. 10 x size 9 Black army boots. David got them down from £50 a pair, to £400 for the lot.
  7. 2 taxidermied rats. ?
  8. A Black plastic chain of 30m length. ?
  9. 15 m of red velvet fabric. Steven and Ashleigh got this at £6 a metre, so for £90. Andrew and Alice did a good trick of going back and forth between two neighbouring shops trying to undercut the other and got it for £4.70 a metre i.e. £70 in total
  10. A 4 foot olive tree. Lucy got this for £56, down from £62.95 after trying to bargain with an indignant garden centre owner but managed to get 10% off as there was a deal going on for 10% off house plants.

Anyway, there was lots of sniping on all teams, and insults flying everywhere. Maria called Andrew ‘immature’ and said he was a ‘Great PM, my bum’ (classic insult there). Later on Navdeep said there were ‘sparks’ flying between Andrew and Maria, but I don’t think she meant in the romantic way at all. Amy called David ‘lazy’ and said to him ‘You were stupidly slow’ while complaining that Lucy was ‘permanently nagging’.

In the boardroom, with so much time spent before the results were revealed discussing the problems with Odyssey and Andrew’s management, it became obvious that these arguments weren’t going to be rehashed by the editors in the boardroom and that they had in fact won. Odyssey spent £797 and had a fine of £1236 so a total of £2033. Platinum may have spent less with £734 for five items but hadn’t got the car and with being late had a fine of £1470 and so a total of £2204.

LordAlan tried a joke about a ‘tenor’ but failed miserably. David was brought into the bottom 3 for the third week running and everyone thought he would be fired. With 2 boys already gone though, and with Amy’s particularly obvious abrasive personality this week (although I did feel sorry for her once she was fired because she’s only 17), as indicated it was Amy who got fired. There weren’t any real reasons, as no-one had particularly performed well or badly compared to each other, so it was her personality that saw her leave, which was a bit harsh, but we can’t have a Maria and an Amy and expect people to want to keep watching. The other constant apart from David being in the bottom 3 each week? Whichever team Karren follows has lost so far. Obviously her eyebrows aren’t giving these teams enough pointers to change directions. Poor Nick has been very quiet so far this series. Maybe he’s distracted thinking of jokes for Countdown.

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2 Responses to Young Apprentice. Series 3, Week 3

  1. Tim says:

    We’re not really seeing very much of either Nick or Karren, are we? Which is a bit of a shame as Nick’s acerbic comments in particular are usually the highlight of any episode.

    Sugar alluded to Amy’s swearing as a key contributor to her firing as well as her generally abrasive personality. I guess the pre-watershed slot means we never saw any of that. Makes you wonder how much bad stuff ended up on the cutting room floor though. What we did see cast her in a pretty bad light anyway. And yet she’s nowhere near as aggressive as Maria! Andrew clearly clashes with her – he should be given a prize for not killing her already!

    • Here’s hoping we see more of Nick over the episode. In the discussion between Alan, Karren and Nick, there did seem to be some things unsaid about Amy, and you must be right about all the bad stuff that is edited out.
      I agree that Maria is much much worse – as you’ve pointed out on your blog too – but there always seems to be some producer input (although Alan always denies it) into who stays i.e. keep in the ‘interesting’ ones for a few weeks, try and keep an even number of boys and girls etc.

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