Hunted: The Final Episode

The final episode of Hunted (and there’s not going to be a second series (boo!) – but there might be a spinoff with Sam Hunter (possibly good?)) answered a couple of questions, but left many unanswered. Let’s recap:

What is Aidan’s real identity?

Aidan Marsh, Sam Hunter’s former boyfriend, was revealed to be the MI5 mole a couple of episodes in, but Natalie (Indira Varma) gave Sam a key to a safe deposit box on Tottenham Court Road to reveal his true identity. The big question is of course, what safety deposit box on TCR – she didn’t give any directions! Anyway, Sam still has the key, Aidan possibly knows she has the key, but she hasn’t used it yet. I’m not sure whatever the planned real identity (if the writers had thought that far ahead) will be as good as the speculation.

Why do Polyhedrus want to kill Sam Hunter?

She remembered! Her near-drowning and poisoning allowed Sam to have flashbacks that went back in reverse time. There’s someone with a mysterious big hand. She knows why they’re after her, but we as viewers don’t. It does mean that she was able to take down her board of connections and pieces of string.

Who is the man who likes to inject people’s eyes and what does he want with Sam Hunter?

Still not clear on this, although he did come out into the open in the last episode to talk to Aidan, Keel and the woman from Polyhedrus. He saved Sam again and was the guy who kept Dr Goebbel’s incriminating soil samples from the Pakistani dam as leverage, but we still don’t know if he’s actually a good guy, and why he’s been helping Sam out.

Why did Jack Turner want the dam anyways?

It was all about ‘Revenge’ (isn’t it always?). Polyhedrus killed Stephen’s older brother and Jack Turner has been plotting for the last 20 years to take Polyhedrus down. Oh, and Tyrone, the psychopathic killer on retainer, is actually Stephen’s half-brother. They’re all dead now though – well Jack and Bingham. Stephen and Eddie are free – the Snow Maiden saved them.

So who’s got the dam, then?

Not Jack Turner, as his soil samples were swapped and Alex Kent/Sam Hunter pushed him down the stairs to his death. Polyhedrus, I guess?

What’s going to happen to Byzantium?

Well Keel’s still got his terminal brain tumour, Deacon has tendered his resignation and Zoe betrayed Sam. Fowkes is still hanging around and Aidan is still moping around for his ‘lost child’.

What’s in store for Sam?

Well, if it wasn’t clear from Keel’s hints in the penultimate episode about Sam’s hospital records – she didn’t lose the baby after all (though the babydaddy doesn’t know this – oh there would be so many recriminations about this if there was a second series; I can imagine it now – ‘You didn’t tell me our baby was still alive!?’ ‘Yeah, well you didn’t tell me that you were the mole. Or your real identity..’) So, Sam has gone back to her Scottish cottage in the countryside to run up hills, test herself under water I suspect and sleep in corners, but now she’s regained her baby to look after and a plot to take down Polyhedrus.

It’s been an up and down series. A great start, a bit of a rocky middle, but lots of plots and turns to keep me interested. I thought Melissa George held it all together, despite the worst meandering accent there could be, and some other good turns by the Turners and Byzantium gang. It’s probably a good thing there isn’t a second series though as Byzantium is probably dead, but there could definitely be good scope with a Sam Hunter spin-off. If the flashbacks could just reveal that she spent her childhood in Australia, South Africa and Swiss finishing school to explain her dodgy accent, then I’d be much happier.

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One Response to Hunted: The Final Episode

  1. jon says:

    Nowhere in the previous episodes does she ever act like a woman who just had a baby. We’re to believe that right after childbirth, she hands over her infant newborn to someone else, goes back to Byzantium (ostensibly to find out who betrayed her) where she’s subject to be shot, tortured, killed at any time? Its ridiculous. Even her “escape” at the end is ridiculous- getting shot and knocked over a bridge, to plummet over 80-90 feet into the water, is fatal. She wouldn’t have survived that drop, especially the way she hit the water. Oh, but this is television….so she does, and she goes back to the ramshackle Scottish farm house she was in at the beginning of the series, only this time a woman drives up to deliver a baby to her. I actually wondered if this was some weird after-death vision Sam was having.

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