Young Apprentice. Series 3, Week 5

8 candidates left and the task this week was to create a kids’ club activity. Something that is fun, original, educational and can make money. An activity for kids that parents can put them in when on holiday… So, they’ve got to think of a concept, plan it, create a website and a mascot, perform the activity to a group of young children (about 5 years old) and pitch it as a business model to 3 groups of holiday companies. The team with the most orders wins…

The teams this week. Platinum: Ashleigh (PM), David, Andrew and Lucy. Odyssey: Navdeep (PM), Maria, Steven and Patrick.

Ashleigh wants to go for an art concept and the environment; David says that parents want maths and science; Lucy wants to go for a dance and ‘cultures’ concept i.e. learning different dances from around the world and learning about the cultures from where the dance comes from; but Ashleigh insists on art. Lucy and David think the dance concept is better but Ashleigh won’t hear of it. She goes with her ‘gut instinct’ (she must be channeling Olivia Pope from Scandal – a US drama with Kerry Washington they’re showing on More4 just after Young Apprentice at the moment which I recommend). She and Andrew visit an arts club where the kids love ‘messy time’ and she picks up on that and runs with it. The concept becomes ‘active art’ which is an activity where kids do lots of messy art (getting paint on their feet, hands etc and large canvases)  while running, jumping, throwing balls and other exercises. As Nick points out, it’s not particularly original. And it’s very messy. During the demonstration one of the kids doesn’t want to get paint on him and the tour companies worry about the mess…

Meanwhile on t’other team, Maria suggests science and the rest agree – finally settling on ‘space’. Navdeep and Patrick go to a focus group of kids doing ‘yogabugs’ (weren’t they on Dragons’ Den once?) where one boy says he likes space because “you can float in space”. How sweet. Maria and Stephen learn how to make rockets and learn the names of the planets – we learnt some kind of mnemonic that started ‘My Very…’ but I can’t remember the rest, although I can remember the planets without it which rather defeats the purpose of a mnemonic. Anyway, team Odyssey go with a slogan ‘Fun that’s out of this world’ and a mascot called Mr Space Face. Despite not thinking about costings properly, which rather defeats the purpose of proving to be good business apprentices, their pitch by Navdeep is apparently really good and the tour companies like the activity much better.

The figures? For Team Platinum only £470 worth of orders from the UK holiday company; nothing from either the European Camp Group or the Global tour company. Team Odyssey (Space Face) got £2070 from the UK holiday company, £1850 from the European camp company and £7030 from the Global tour, for a total of £10950. As LordAlan put it, it was an annihilation.

Ashleigh brought back David and Andrew to the boardroom. And as it was his 4th time, there wasn’t even a fake out by LordAlan. David had to go. Poor David. In the taxi cab drive home he said that being in the boardroom 4 times was the ‘best business class’. Meanwhile back at the house, Lucy and Maria bitch about Andrew. LordAlan has already said he’s not sure that he likes him. And the girls agree that he’s arrogant. Oooh.

Next week: The teams create TV ads for a hairstyling product. As long as they make sure that the adverts include placement for the product they should do better than some adult competitors. Sunshine Tomorrow, however, will be on holiday looking for some Sunshine Today. Back for the episode in 2 weeks time. In the meantime, here’s some more Brett Domino trio to tide you over: The Nick and Karren Song.

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One Response to Young Apprentice. Series 3, Week 5

  1. Tim says:

    It’s interesting that Andrew seems to be universally unpopular. There’s obviously something the other candidates have seen that we haven’t necessarily been shown.

    Poor David. It was just his time to go, wasn’t it? Although Ashleigh was a bit fortunate – not so much for sticking to her guns (which is fine with Sugar when you win) but because she missed the brief so badly by going with such an unoriginal concept. I know she’s been praised for her cost control, but that’s not really what makes a good entrepreneur, is it? You want someone with ideas, who will be bold and take some chances – not someone who will be tucking their money under the mattress. There may be more to Ashleigh, but I remain unconvinced by her. It’s Lucy for me right now.

    I’ve had a go at ranking the final seven in my recap this week. I can pretty much guarantee that I will now be shown to be 100% wrong!

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