Young Apprentice. Series 3, Week 7

Previously on Young Apprentice: adverts! Number one rule of Apprentice adverts – don’t do comedy. Second rule of Apprentice adverts – just show the product on the screen and that’s all you need. So Maria’s team including Ashleigh and silent Patrick won for ‘Strexy’ their women’s hairspray, while Andrew’s team including Steven, Navdeep and Lucy lost for their ‘Chameleon’ men’s gel. Despite everyone blaming Andrew, and his kamikaze mission in the boardroom where he slated all his friends, LordAlan listened to his own made up stereotype that Navdeep was too much in the background (which I disagree with) and was not meant for business, leaving 3 boys and 3 girls in this semifinal ready for a double firing.

This week: Selling at a festival.

It starts with a gem: Andrew’s shifty eyes and open mouth when Lord Alan and his entourage turn up as the episode continues straight after the week before. Andrew does do great face. Each team has £1500 to start with to buy 2 goods (out of 8 options) to sell at the festival WOMAD; the team with the largest amount of assets will win. Lucy leads Andrew and Steven; Patrick leads Maria and Ashleigh.

The eight goods include a £10 solar-powered fan hat; £40 designer animal onesies; £100 spring trainers; £70 umbrella seat stick; £24 vegan face paint; £20 portable toilet; £60 self-powered washing machine. Now, for me, the face paint was the first obvious choice (as LordAlan states later in the boardroom) but both teams want the portable toilet first – a reinforced cardboard box which uses the bags that you have for dog poo that you then have to deposit yourself in a bin. Who wants to use that? Patrick & Maria also want the umbrella seat; Lucy and Steven also want the self-powered washing machine (why????) and as third choice the animal onesies. As they showed the third choice, and as I’ve mentioned it, it’s obvious that Lucy & Steven don’t get the portable toilet. They both go and see the producer as does Ashleigh for the other team, but even though they offer to buy more toilets the producer likes Ashleigh more.

So off they go to WOMAD. PMA (Patrick, Maria, Ashleigh) with their loos and umbrellas and a stall they’ve called ‘Take A Seat’; LSA (Lucy, Steven, Andrew) with their onesies and washing machines. Andrew takes the washing machines out to sell but no-one wants to spend a minimum of £35 on a tub that washes your clothes when you’re only at a festival for a few days and have packed enough clothes and can wash them on a proper machine when you get back. The onesies, however, are surprisingly popular. Meanwhile, on PMA team, no-one wants the toilets either as Maria and Ashleigh go out to try and sell them, but eventually after regrouping and slashing prices they seem to sell many.

Back to the boardroom and we find out that LSA sold £282.50 and had £1284.00 worth of assets left to a total wealth of £1566.50. Meanwhile, PMA sold £373.00 and had £1227.20 worth of assets left to a winning total of £1600.20. So Maria, one of the most obnoxious candidates from the beginning, and Patrick who has done NOTHING, get through to the final. Next week they’re on the same team, so what’s the betting their team DON’T win the final task? Meanwhile there’s going to be a double firing but not just based on this task but also past performance. I thought Steven would be the one to survive but he’s the first to be fired, although LordAlan gives him his business card and tells him to call (ah!). But then Andrew gets fired (after an unexplained seat change with Lucy) and he also gets a business card and is even told he reminds LordAlan of himself when he was young.

So the final four are Ashleigh, Lucy, Maria and Patrick. Next week in the final there’s something about sports and Rio Ferdinand. Winner to be Ashleigh? Depends on their projects for the £25,000 too I guess. To be honest I’m not really rooting for any of them, but I’ll be tuning in anyway to see it play out.

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2 Responses to Young Apprentice. Series 3, Week 7

  1. Tim says:

    It amazes me that neither team really worked out how bad a product the toilet was. Are people going to use it in their tents? No. Are they going to use it outside their tents in full view of other people? No. So who’s going to use it? Nobody.

    Anyhow, I would have gone for the face paints (although I’d have dropped the price from £24 to under £20) along with the onesies – a good pair of products which could be sold in tandem, no?

    Lucy’s still my favourite, with Maria just ahead of Ashleigh. To be honest, I just don’t get Ashleigh. She doesn’t ever listen to others (even Maria does occasionally) and her only strategy is to spend as little as possible – which is not a bad strategy, but it is one that anyone can follow and one which requires no real business ability or creativity whatsoever. Does Sugar really want to give his money to an accountant, or someone with a genuine business idea?

    Regardless of who wins, I can’t help but feel they will be far less deserving than either of the previous two winners. The standard just seems much lower this year to me.

    Anyhow, my usual ramblings are here:

  2. Those toilets were awful and the more they demonstrated their use, the worse they seemed. ‘You can stand on them!’ – why is that useful for a toilet? I agree that the face paints and the onesies were the best products in tandem, and still don’t understand why the face paints were dismissed so easily by both teams. Unfortunately I also agree that the standard seems to be lower this year; as long as Patrick doesn’t win – as you say in your own blog – then I’ll be fine.

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