Young Apprentice. Series 3, The Final

A bit of a dilemma for Lord Alan with his final hiring. Should he give £25,000 to someone who wants to use the money to go to university or to someone who doesn’t quite know what they want to do with the money? First things first though and the final task was split into two teams with two finalists each and regular viewers would know that the team led by Maria and Patrick had no chance of winning and that was before they saw their viral campaign.

The four finalists: Patrick and Maria leading previous candidates Navdeep, Steven, Amy and David; with Lucy and Ashleigh leading Alice, Sean, Andrew and Maximillian all had to meet at White Hart Lane to be told the task. Maria thought it was a football station they were meeting at so didn’t bode well for a sports task. The task was to design and launch a new sportswear brand in 2 days to a team of industry experts and Rio Ferdinand.

Maria and Patrick decided to create a new young cycling wear brand, which capitalising on the Tour de France and Olympics was actually a good idea before they refined it into a mess. The brand name, suggested by David, was Cyc and the logo, designed by Maria, was two purple C’s and a green Y, which Rio Ferdinand said looked a bit like the Wimbledon Logo. Both teams were given a lesson on viral marketing which seemed to consist of telling them that flashmobs/surprising the unsuspecting public were the best method so Patrick decided on a flashchoir. Maria was adamant that this was a bad idea because the choir, of mixed ages, was not the right method to target their young audience. Patrick disagreed and booked a choir who flashsang a Lady Gaga medley at the Trafford Centre in Manchester before forming the letters CYC. It was ineffective.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh and Lucy decided to go for a streetwear brand in an already crowded market. Ashleigh met a Mancunian street crew who said they wanted an ethical brand. So they decided on the name ‘Release’ and a brand that would use its profits to fund groups for street kids? It wasn’t clear. The logo was designed by Lucy and Karren Brady was very impressed because it had a big ‘R’ which could go ‘global’. The ad consisted of a street dance crew mobbing various unsuspecting members of the public on a pedestrianised square, encouraging them to dance to Mama do the Hump by the Rizzle Kicks. It was a’ight.

Anyway, LordAlan had to go for the charitable, ethical concept, didn’t he? As much as he always had to go for Ashleigh and Lucy. So then to choose between the two and what they would do with his £25k investment. Lucy, though she has a cupcake business, wanted the money to go to university to study law. That saw her dreams ended. We all know LordAlan doesn’t like people who want to go to university and that. Ashleigh wanted the money either to set up a property portfolio (£25k won’t go far) or an accountancy firm (or both) but would need to finish her accountancy training first. Um. Stumped, LordAlan couldn’t very well go back to Sean’s publishing business, and so for “sheer graft” during the series’ tasks gave the money to Ashleigh. A lacklustre end to a lacklustre series. If there’s another series next year, I’m out.

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3 Responses to Young Apprentice. Series 3, The Final

  1. Frivolous Monsters says:

    I will be back for more. I think the wrong girl ended up winning although as they’ve been trailing her as a wannabe lawyer all series I was surprised to hear about her cake business. I tried looking it up on the internet to find nothing… I know someone who was in that choir, but the idea was crazy and rubbish.

  2. Tim says:

    Frivolous: Lucy’s cake-making skills were highlighted in her Apprentice profile, and you may remember her stunning creations in the afternoon tea task? But I don’t believe she was ever captioned as ‘cake business owner’ during the series itself, for sure – always ‘aspiring lawyer’.

    I was OK with both target markets, although Cyc’s execution was vastly inferior and I did find it odd that they had not thought about any of the safety features which are common on cycling wear (fluorescent flashes etc). Lucy’s brand design for Release was stunning – the biggest wow moment of the entire series – and she had really thought through the importance of having a logo that would work in non-English speaking countries.

    I would still have gone for Lucy over Ashleigh, but no complaints.

    My final thoughts:

    • Hi both: I do feel Lucy was hard done by as though she sometimes mentioned her cupcakes, the fact that she ran her own business wasn’t highlighted and the ‘aspiring lawyer’ tag did her in. I think in the edit of the series Ashleigh was highlighted more, although I don’t think she showed much ‘entrepreneurial’ spirit but was a good accounts manager and maybe sometimes that is just as important.
      FM: Did your friend in the choir get told to sing Lady Gaga or did the choir suggest it?

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