Who Dares Wins (23 March 2013)

Who Dares Wins is back! The ‘National Lottery’ game show (the national lottery being irrelevant except that towards the end they break away for two live draws) fronted by Nick Knowles is a very basic game-show, but perfect to play along with or pose to others.

I covered it last year, but to recap there are two teams of two people who don’t know each other before the programme. The winners get to play on so they’re the ‘Champions’ and they meet the ‘Challengers’. They play the best of three rounds and then the winners go on to a money round. In the first round, they’re given a list of something that they have to bid the amount of answers they can give to the list. For example, the list may be ‘Martin Scorcese films’ and the teams go back and forth bidding to say how many they can list until one gives up and asks the other team to ‘name them’. The team who win the bids then have to try and name them; if they do it successfully they win the point and if not, the other team win. As I said, it’s the best of three – the first two games go along these lines and then if it needs to go to a third then they have a ‘tie-break’ where they don’t bid for the list but just go back and forth (like in a penalty shoot-out) naming answers to the prescribed list until one team can’t/makes a mistake.

Each round consists of a question wherein there is a list of answers. Examples: ‘Name as many countries ending with the letter ‘A” or ‘Name as many Morgan Freeman films as you can’ etc. Knowles tells the teams what the question is and then they bid off each other to say how many they think they can name – 5/6/15? It goes back and forth and sometimes the teams tactically try to push the bidding up and then withdraw to make the other team “name them”. If they don’t get as many as they say they can then the other team gets the point. As I said, it’s a best of three and if it goes to the third round then instead of bidding for the list, it’s a tie-break and so goes back and forth between the teams as they name them until one of them can’t.

In the money round, the winning team is given another list and this time there is no bidding but a money grid. They can give up to 15 answers – the maximum that will win them £50,000. They must give answers in blocks of 3 – the first 3 correct answers gives £5000, the next correct 3 gives £10,000 and so on until 15 gives £50,000. However, if they get any wrong then they lose all their money so at each iteration of 3 they can stop and take the money. There are two money games per programme.

So the ‘Champions’ starting this show were carried over from the last series. The show might have lost its charm a little though – there are only so many actors, artists and lists of countries that you can sit through without feeling that you’ve seen the same lists before – but it’s a pretty relaxing show to sit through and shout at the telly for.

Here’s a list of the questions to cut out and play at your next pub quiz/Christmas family party….

23 March 2013

1. Harrison Ford films

Any film that Harrison Ford has starred in or lent his voice to – until the end of August 2012. The Champions bid up to 12 and got them easily.

2. Countries with the colour Red in their flag

The Challengers bid and got 13 easily. There are so many that it was really rather easy.

3. Tie Break: Lady Gaga Songs

They got up to 6, the Challengers said ‘Lady Gaga’, which is wrong, and the Champions got a right answer to get to 7 correct answers and to go back to the money round.

*Money Game: Male Characters in the novels of Charles Dickens

Looking back at the last episode of the series, the current Champions are slight cowards and it proved in this round where they only went up to 6 and got £10,000. They could have gone on as they had three more answers but when asked the other if David Copperfield was right, the other shot him down saying he’d never heard of that name….


1. World’s Sexiest Men (according to Heat Magazine in January 2012)

Using Heat Magazine’s list of 101 Hottest Hunks list from January 2012. The Challengers bid upto 13 but failed after 9 because they said Denzel Washington….

2. Characters in Neighbours

They were told there were 134 characters – they had to have starred in more than 100 episodes and be human! They needed their full names too. The Challengers bid 10 and got them easily.

3. Tie Break: Bond Girls

They wanted the names of the actress, not the character, and had to be someone who was kissed by Bond (anywhere on their body) in the 22 official films (not including Skyfall). They got up to 11 and then the Champions were stumped – suggested Judi Dench as a last ditch, but were wrong so the Challengers had now won and able to go onto the money round.

* Money Game: GB Medallists at the 2012 London Olympics

An easy list, especially as this programme was probably recorded in the autumn not long after the Olympics (did not include the Paralympics). They got to 12 easily, remember the maximum is 15, and then went for the last three. In their conversations one said they weren’t sure about Nicola Adams, and neither mentioned Katherine Grainger, but anyway they got there and them and won the maximum of £50,000. Let’s see how they do next week.

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