It’s Kevin

“Oh, Oh, It’s the Kevin Eldon Show, It’s the Kevin Eldon Show … “

The jaunty, catchy title song from the new BBC2 sketch show by Kevin Eldon is stuck in my head after just two episodes.

Kevin Eldon is and was and will always be Simon Quinlank, Hobby King. Save your weak lemon drink! A character on Lee and Herring’s Fist of Fun in the 1990’s; he was also Rod Hull with a love for green jelly. “I am Rod Hull! I am him!” And he was also various other characters on This Morning with Richard not Judy. I saw Simon Quinlank (as I knew him) on the tube once about 10 years ago and looked around to other people to see if anyone else was excited and recognised him. They didn’t.

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Anyway, after appearing on a host of other comedy shows, Kevin Eldon has been given his own sketch show. I wrote the other week that sketch shows actually demand more attention and patience than other comedy shows. They also need to be more consistently good because one bad sketch can make the viewer turn off. Although not all the sketches on It’s Kevin work, the way in which they are presented do.

Rather than just a sequence of various sketches, we have the actor Kevin Eldon walking around a white studio in a red t-shirt performing various ‘live’ style sketches that then feed into various other recorded sketches. The surreal content is very high; most of the sketches aren’t that long and because Kevin guides you through the process in a way, there’s less of a bored factor. Though it does hark back to some old-school sketch shows, it also feels original. It even, like old sketch shows, always ends with a song!

The funniest sketch, for me, from the first two episodes was one that didn’t include Kevin Eldon but a man walking down the street saying ‘hello’ to various Bens, but then saying ‘hello Ben’ to someone who wasn’t called Ben….

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3 Responses to It’s Kevin

  1. Frivolous Monsters says:

    It is growing on me after last night.

  2. Sam Flowers says:

    I thought I remembered him as a regular on Green Wing – he was in it but for only one episode! He gets around doesn’t he. Quite a CV on IMDB.

  3. Yes, he does seem to have been in a lot of things – the question is how much he’s picked up from his ‘work experience’ – although he’s not the only writer on ‘It’s Kevin’, which though not perfect is better than a lot of things on tv right now.

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