Broadchurch (half way through)

The ITV drama Broadchurch is now four episodes in to its eight episode run. When I wrote about the first episode I thought I might do an episode blog but quickly realised that there isn’t much to say about each episode separately. As much as I like a slow-paced drama, after four episodes I can’t really tell you that much of note has happened. It doesn’t help that it feels like each quarter is just leading up to the adverts and so wastes a lot of time that could be spent on moving the plot along. We’ve got to know all the characters better but there hasn’t been much movement on actually solving the case of the murder of the eleven year old boy Danny.

We do now know that Pauline Quirke’s character can speak. She cleans a house where Danny was probably murdered. She has his skateboard. She is either called Sharon or Elaine. She used to volunteer with the Sea Brigade (a kind of Scouts but they go on the water as well). She shares a secret with the Dad’s plumber colleague. And she knows someone who will rape you… – this was her threat to the editor of the local newspaper when she started digging around Quirke’s real identity. Although she has given false information to the police and is obviously shifty – and has keys to the murder scene – the police haven’t brought her in for questioning.

The police haven’t really brought anyone in for questioning apart from the Dad, Mark Latimer, who couldn’t account for his whereabouts at the time of Danny’s murder. Turns out he was sleeping with the Australian hotel owner. Which his wife, Beth (Jodie Whittaker) has worked out. She’s pregnant by the way, but has only told the vicar (Arthur Darvill). But, no, the father is Mark. The vicar, who has a name but let’s call him Rory, is my prime suspect at the moment. Far too suspicious to have a young, erudite vicar otherwise.

The main suspect in the last episode was Jack, the newsagent, who employed Danny on his paper round and runs the Sea Brigade. Turns out he had a conviction for under-age sex in the past and used to live in Yorkshire near a crime scene of a similar case 10-15 years ago. He obviously didn’t do it.

Meanwhile Will Mellor plays a character who fancies himself as a bit of a psychic/medium. He claims Danny has ‘spoken’ to him – he knew that he was murdered on water – and the police have since found a burned out boat with Danny’s hair on it – and tells Beth that Danny says it was someone close to him that killed him.

David Tennant continues to be moody, has a mysterious illness and is keen to prove himself, especially in the face of inquisitive and manipulative reporter played by Vicky McClure. MVP still remains Olivia Colman as Ellie Miller, although she hasn’t realised that her own son is harbouring secrets. Only four episodes to go though and at this pace, nothing will be solved. Although I wouldn’t particularly mind if it did go to a second series.

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2 Responses to Broadchurch (half way through)

  1. Fioooonah says:

    ‘The vicar, who has a name but let’s call him Rory…’ hahaha!

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