Who Dares Wins (30 March 2013)

The second week of the current run of Who Dares Wins introduced some new lists for the Challengers and Champions to fight over, but neither new Challenger team was able to win against the Champions who won £50,000 last time.

As ever, the aim of the game is to outbid your opponents to ‘name’ a list. Win two lists and the team (of two) go onto the Money Game, where they have to name the given list in iterations of three all the way up to 15 correct answers and £50,000. Three correct answers gives £5000; the next three gives £10,000; the next three £15,000; the next three £25,000 and the last three £50,000. A wrong answer means the team loses all their money, but the team can stop and keep their money after answering any multiple of three answers.

As ever, I’m going to give the categories and lists and how far they got on the lists, but not the answers so that people can play along at home (and they’re all quite easy to look up to test yourself afterwards).

30 March 2013

1. Most Popular Boys and Girls names in 1900

The list was for the top 100 male and top 100 female baby names in 1900 in the UK (according to a baby names website). The Challengers pushed the bidding up to 21 and got to 20 but for their final answer went for Nicholas, which was not on the list (neither were John or Paul so it wasn’t as easy as suspected).

2. Most capped England Rugby Union Players

Any England Rugby Union players who have earned more than 25 caps (until August 2012) – there are 101 men. The Champions bid 12 and got them quite easily to win two lists and go onto the money game.

*Money Game: Countries with populations larger than the UK

There were only 21 (according to the CIA World Fact Book) and the Champions did well to get 12 answers and £25,000 before not deciding to go on. Surprisingly (to me) Japan has a higher population than the UK…


1. Words in ‘Dancing Queen’

Any of the words (including ‘the’ and ‘Dancing’ and ‘Queen’) in the ABBA hit (according to the official ABBA website). The Champions pushed the bidding up to 29 and got them easily.

2. British Actresses nominated for an Oscar since 1990

Includes Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress- and any woman born in the UK (i.e. included Naomi Watts). The Champions bid only 9, the Challengers wanted nothing to do with it, and it was won quite easily – including Jessica Tandy…

* Money Game: Top Flight American Sports Teams

American Football, Basketball or Baseball teams in their respective “top tiers” in 2012. The man on the Challengers team is a big American Football team, and the woman a big Basketball team, so they got the whole list of 15 for £50,000 very easily without hesitation. They didn’t even need to say the Boston Red Sox. And so, they carry on to play again next week with £125,000 to share between them already. They seem quite versatile so may be sticking around longer. We’ll find out next week.


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