Who Dares Wins (7 April 2013)

The game where two strangers pit against two other strangers to see who can name more facts on a list… For all the Who Dares Wins lists of the last series in 2012 and this 2013 series, just click on the link on the right hand column or here. Although most of my other posts are about tv dramas and comedies, I put up the Who Dares Wins lists because it’s the kind of game that if I were a young teenager at home I would play against my brother. It’s the kind of game that would be easy to play in the days of pens and papers. But even in the days of apps, with The Voice app being continuously advertised by the BBC, it would also be an easy to play along app as you just try and do your own answers for the list provided.

7 April 2013

1. Countries beginning with the letter ‘S’

According to Whitaker’s Almanack 2012. The Champions bid 12 but for their 11th answer said ‘St Kitts and St Nevis’ which is wrong as it’s just ‘St Kitts and Nevis’. Should have been easily done otherwise as there are plenty of answers.

2. Michael Caine Films

The Champions bid 12 again and this time got them quite easily. There are lots and lots of films to choose from, including the various Christopher Nolan films of course…

3. Tie Break: David Bowie Singles in the Top 40 UK Chart

Including Duets and Collaborations. The Challengers gave as their first answer ‘Ground Control to Major Tong’, which is of course NOT the name of the song (Space Oddity) and so the Champions won with ‘Under Pressure’ (the Queen duet) although they had thought about saying ‘Changes’ which was not a Top 40 hit.

*Money Game: 40 Largest Towns and Cities in Italy

In terms of population, according to the City Mayor’s Demographic website. The same Champions then on their third money game having won £125,000 from their previous games. If they’re not friends for life now, then what is humanity all about? Well, they got to 6 with a bit of a struggle and then decided to go on. For their 7th answer they said Pisa, which was not on the list – and anyone who has been to Pisa will know that it’s not a particularly large or populous place; it just has the Leaning Tower in it and that’s it. So they lost the £10,000 they had amassed on this round.


1. Figures in Madame Tussauds (in September 2012)

The names of any people who have waxworks on display in September 2012 in the London Madame Tussaud’s. The Challengers bid 8, but the Champions had no idea so let them name them. Which they did easily, as they started with 7 members of the royal family and David Beckham.

2. Classical Composers

The 150 or so Classical Composers according to the Classic FM website. The Champions got the bidding up to 14 and then did them easily. They only needed surnames and it was easily done with usual Mozarts, Bachs etc. The full list even included people like Gershwin, McCartney and Zimmer.

3. Tie Break: Animals in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’

They only wanted the names of the types of animals, not the characters name. They said 7 between them but then the reigning Champions said ‘mouse’ which was not on the list (rat is) and so there are now new Champions.

* Money Game: Characters in ‘Dallas’

The names of any characters in the original series of Dallas who appeared in 10 or more episodes. Unfortunately neither contestant used to watch Dallas, and like me could only name the three most famous characters – JR, Bobby and Sue-Ellen Ewing. So they got £5000 and decided to stop. They’ll be back next week though to see if they can earn more money or not…..

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