Who Dares Wins (20 April 2013)

Someone (or many someones) out there has a job thinking about lists for the game show Who Dares Wins… Well this week, there were certainly a variety of categories.

As ever two teams of two strangers – one returning ‘Champions’ and one the ‘Challengers’ try and bid or bluff each other out to take control of a list that they have to answer. The first to two lists gets to play in the money game where if they get 15 correct answers they earn £50,000 but at every denomination of 3 correct answers they get some money. The current ‘Champions’ got £25,000 in the last show.

*20 April 2013

1. BBC Presenters at the 2012 Olympics

They had to name any of the 146 presenters, commentators, reporters or pundits credited for the BBC TV coverage of the 2012 Olympics. With a starting bid of only 5, the Challengers ended up bidding 9 although they didn’t want the list. They to play for 9 and on their 8th answer said Daley Thompson, which was wrong. They didn’t think to mention Sue Barker, John Inverdale or Denise Lewis – who were some of the obvious ones.

2. Actors in Richard Curtis Films

This list for male or female actors who have starred in any of the five films written by Richard Curtis – i.e. Tall Guy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually and The Boat that Rocked. The Champions bid up to 8 and although they struggled a bit, this was far too easy a list for only 8. The reigning Champions, therefore, continued on to the Money Game

* Money Game: Countries visited by UK residents

They had to name 15 of the top 30 countries visited by UK residents in 2011, according to the Office of National Statistics. They got to 9 and £15,000 easily naming the US and various obvious European destinations and then stopped. It was a good thing they did as they would have said New Zealand next, which was not in the top 30 destinations.


1. Coldplay Songs (including Collaborations)

In the next round, the first list was to name any of the 98 Coldplay songs (including collaborations) that they’ve produced. The Champions were Coldplay fans and bid for 10. However, perhaps trying to be a bit clever for their 10th answer one of them said ‘Xyloto Myloto’, which was incorrect. The song they were thinking of was ‘Mylo Xyloto’. So they lost the list.

2. Cities with Underground Railway Stations

They had to name any city in the world where a metro/light rail/tram has at least one underground station. The Challengers bid up to 14 and did this quite well. Nearly every major capital city appears to have some sort of underground rail system. So we now have new ‘Champions’.

* Money Game: 60 Greatest TV Detectives

They had to name 15 of the top 60 greatest TV detectives as voted by a UK sample for some tv programme. They got to 9 and £15,000 easily with old school Bergeracs, Morses, Colombos and Poirots. They stopped there although they could have gone on, but they’ll be back next week so we’ll see if they were one hit wonders or if they can carry on to win some more money.

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