Who Dares Wins (27 April 2013)

Sometimes you know things and sometimes you hit a blind spot. The current Champions on the National Lottery game show (hosted by Nick Knowles), Who Dares Wins, have a good rounded general knowledge and have been doing well after amassing £15,000 at the end of last week’s show.

As ever, the game with the lists does depend on those who ‘dare’ to ‘win’ because if you don’t go for a list you think you know then the other team will take it and win it…

27 April 2013

1. 80 most common words in English language ending in -ch

This list did not include proper nouns. The Challengers did ‘dare’ and got the bidding up to 23. Unfortunately the ‘cleverer’ team member allowed the other to say glitch for their 5th answer, which was wrong and they lost the list to the Champions.

2. England’s most capped test cricketers

A list of 101 men who have more than 30 England cricket test caps since 1884. The Champions won the bid for 14 and got them easily and so with 2 lists they went on to the Money Game again.

* Money Game: Characters in the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Speaking parts in the 1937 film – and there are only 15 characters. The Champions got to 9 and £15,000 and then took the money rather than risk another 3 and lose the money


1. Male Characters in Shakespeare Plays

The top 200 male characters in William Shakespeare plays according to lines. A very low bid of 11 by the Champions was given to them by the Challengers and they got it quite easily.

2. Judi Dench Films and TV shows

Up to September 2012. Again the Challengers were too scared to go for it and let the Champions bid for 12, which they got without much hesitation. The reigning Champions go on for another week then and have played 3 money games so far.

* Money Game: Rolling Stones Songs

Only one team member really knew any Rolling Stones songs but they got to 6 answers for £10,000 quite easily. They then decided to stick with that and now have £30,000 winnings. Now that they have this money in the bank, will they be even more daring next week?

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