Who Dares Wins (4 May 2013)

The National-Lottery game show is not an expensive programme to make, but it is one of the biggest earning game shows out there on British TV at the moment – and one that winners generally earn sizeable amounts of money. One of the conceits of this game show is that the couple playing together don’t know each other before the start of the show – they’re (allegedly) randomly put together and then they have to trust each other and each other’s knowledge as they bid on how many answers they can collectively pull together for a list.

There’s also the potential for bluffing your opponents out. When it’s the early rounds of two teams playing against each other for the best of three, Nick Knowles tells both teams the list they need to answer and then they are in sound proof pods while they discuss with each other how many they know and they start the bidding. So, sometimes if a team doesn’t know many answers they will still keep on bidding to make the list unmanageable for the other team – but they’ve got the stop before the other team stops and says ‘Name Them’. Sometimes, though you’re up against an opponent whose specialist subject comes up and you have no chance, however good a team you might be….

4 May 2013

1. Clint Eastwood Films

The Challengers bid 14, both knew quite a lot of Eastwood films off the top of their head, and got to the list easily.

2. Non-American Winners of the Four Golf Majors

The Champions bid 12, and got them fairly easily and missed the obvious howlers.

3. Dinosaurs

So with one list each, it went to a tie break and a ‘penalty shoot-out’ where each team had to go back and forth naming dinosaurs, not including ones winged-dinosaurs. Unfortunately for the Challengers, the Champions had a member who once wanted to be a palaentologist on their team and so they won by getting to a correct 9th answer when the Challengers stumbled.

* Money Game: Cliff Richard Singles (including Duets and Collaborations)

So the Champions are now on their (4th?) money game and it was something they were quite confident with, getting 8 Cliff Richard songs easily. For their 9th answer though they went for the Band Aid song ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’, which was incorrect and they lost the £10,000 they had got after six correct answers, because after every third answer they have to stick or gamble and carry on, which they did and lost. But they continue on to play the next round against new Challengers


1. Highest Grossing Authors in the UK

The 50 authors (fiction or non-fiction) with the highest book sales in the UK since 1998. Nick Knowles gave both teams a hint that most of the authors on the list were present day authors. The Challengers bid 16 but for their 3rd answer said Nigel Slater, which was wrong.

2. 75 Largest Cities/Towns in Germany

The Challengers bid 13, but again, despite ‘daring’ they did not win. On their 9th answer, one team member said Baden Baden, saying she had been there and it was quite large (maybe she’d been there when England had camped there for the World Cup?). Anyway, it was wrong and the reigning Champions got to play another Money Game.

* Money Game: Actors in the Batman Trilogy (Nolan)

Any male or female actor credited in the three Christopher Nolan Batman Films. If you know your Batman films, then this is quite easy – and one of the team members knew his Batman Trilogy. They got all 15 answers for the maximum of £50,000. He even gave a relatively obscure answer for his 15th of Nestor Carbonell, omitting the more obvious Aaron Eckhart from this list. So the Champions now have £90,000 winnings and may even continue to win more next week.

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