Who Dares Wins (11 May 2013)

This was the last episode of the current series of Who Dares Wins. The Champions had played 5 Money Games until this show and (spoiler) won the next two in this week’s show. That means that they will continue playing in the next series. With a total winnings of £105,000 and £52,500 each, will they really be bothered to come back a year later to play a BBC1 game show? Surely they’ll want to be off enjoying the money. It will be interesting to see how different they look next time.

It must be said that the partnership of Chrissy (female) and Joe (male) has mostly been run and won by Joe. Younger than Chrissy, he knows about popular culture, sports and geography. Without him, Chrissy would not have gone so far, and yet without her, Joe probably still would have got this far. But that’s the nature of the game and the luck of the partnerships.

11 May 2013

1. Footballers in England’s Euro 2012 Squad

It should be remembered that this show is filmed sometime in the Winter of 2012 so these kinds of lists are fresh in the mind for fans. The Champions (Joe) got the bidding up to 21 and got the list easily.

2. Muppets Characters

They had to name any Muppets characters from the original TV series (1976-1981). The Challengers bid 9 and got them easily.

3. Tie Break: Madness Songs

As both teams won one list each, it went to a sudden death tie break on naming any Madness song from their 9 studio albums or compilations. Both teams had someone who knew many Madness songs but the Challengers said ‘Camden Town’ for the 9th answer, which was wrong (it’s just a Suggs song isn’t it?) and so the Champions got a right answer on the 10th to win the game.

* Money Game: British Actors Nominated for an Oscar since 1980

Any British male actor nominate for Best Actor or Supporting Actor Oscar since 1980. Sometimes you can try to  be too clever. Having got three answers for £5000 (Firth, Bale & Kingsley), they said they would carry on for another three for £10,000 for their 5th answer they said Christopher Plummer, who recently won the Best Supporting Actor. Plummer, of course, is not British (he’s Canadian) and so they lost the £5000. They hadn’t said the obvious answers of Daniel Day-Lewis, Jim Broadbent, Ralph Fiennes and others.


1. Top 30 Medal-Winning Countries at the London 2012 Olympics

The Challengers won the bidding at 13 but for their fifth answer said North Korea. They were sure about it, but were of course wrong. They probably meant South Korea, but with that kind of ignorance about the difference between the two countries they didn’t deserve to win.

2. Sean Connery Films

The Challengers bid up to 13 and the Champions let them ‘Name Them’. Again, they slipped up on their 5th answer as they started going through Bond Films and said ‘For Your Eyes Only’. They weren’t even sure, and they were wrong as it was a Roger Moore film and so the Champions won 2 lists.

* Money Game: Capital Cities in Africa

They got up to 9 with a 9th correct answer of Sao Tome. They (Joe) could have gone on as he hadn’t even done the multiple South African capitals yet, or some other well known Central African cities, but with the weight of carrying the team by himself they stopped at 9 and £15,000 for a grand total now of £105,000.

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