White Queen’s Golden Globe Nominations

I haven’t posted on here for a while though I’ve been watching some really good television, mainly because there are so many other and better tv blogs out there and I haven’t had much to say that they haven’t already said. However, I’ve got off my backside to have a quick rant about the Golden Globe nominations that were announced yesterday.

They’ve given White Queen two nominations. Two nominations for that rubbish? I blogged about the first episode and was quite excited by it but it descended into farce by the end with terrible dialogue and terrible acting. To give Rebecca Ferguson, the titular White Queen, a nomination for Best Actress in a miniseries is farce. She was awful and stilted. To put her in the same category as Elisabeth Moss’s performance in Top of the Lake (although admittedly Moss had a terribly distractingly awful meandering accent in it) is shocking. And then to also give a nomination to White Queen for best miniseries is ridiculous.

This distracts from some welcome and interesting nominations for people associated with new programmes: Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards.

Anyway, my current recommendations for viewing  in the UK: Don’t Ever Wipe Tears without Gloves (a Swedish SVT three parter) – the final part is on BBC4 on Monday but it’s on iplayer. It has won awards in Sweden and Paris. This is the kind of drama that should be winning awards not some lame anti-historical historical drama.

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2 Responses to White Queen’s Golden Globe Nominations

  1. Frivolous Monsters says:

    I have no issues with the acting, but I didn’t make it through either of The White Queen or Top of the Lake. I think I was bored with the former as it was very long and just disturbed by the latter. I missed out on Orphan Black too as they ran the first two episodes back to back (which was too much) and then, unlike everything else on BBC 3, they didn’t repeat the episodes it in the same week so I missed some episodes and that was it. Wasn’t too thrilled with what I saw. It was no ALIAS.

  2. Top of the Lake got much better as it progressed, as did Orphan Black – which if BBC3 repeat before the next series is well worth watching. It’s not Alias, nor Battlestar Galactica, but a good, fun watch. But admittedly neither were the best things evah or automatic awards bait.

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