Who Dares Wins (11 January 2014)

So my favourite National-Lottery based, Nick-Knowles presenting, BBC1 Saturday night quiz show returned last week while I was on holiday. But the Previously segment tells me that current reigning champions, Chrissy and Joe, retained their crown seeing off various challengers by naming 12 of the 200 most followed famous people on twitter and 17 oscar winning films since 2000 and won a further £25k by naming 12 of the largest spanish cities to bring their running total to £130k.

Yes, it’s the game where two pairs of strangers have to bid for a ‘list’, name them and then if they win 2 out of 3 get to play a money list where multiples of three correct answers gives them money; and it’s the game where if you’re winning, you keep on playing until a new pair of stranger challengers can defeat them.

Onto the lists this week.

11 January 2014

1. England’s Top Goalscorers

The 54 England footballers (male) who have scored more than 10 goals (correct on 26 November 2013). The challengers bid 19 but gave Peter Beardsley as their 9th answer, which was incorrect, and they lost this round.

2. 80s UK No. 1 Singles

The Challengers bid 12 but got the fifth answer wrong by suggesting ‘Last Christmas’ (Wham) which was of course only a no. 2. So the Champions won by default and went on to the money round.

* Money Game: Britain’s 20 Busiest Railway Stations

From the financial year 2012-13 according to number of passengers through the exit and entry barriers. The team named most of the London ones and a couple of others to get 12 right and £25k to a running total of £155k.


1. World’s Most Beautiful Women

According to US Maxim and their top 100 lists between 2006 and 2013. The Champions bid for 11, and as ever despite Chrissy thinking she knows things she is led by her dominant partner Joe, who is really winning all the money for her. They get 11 easily.

2. Largest 30 US States by Area

The Champions bid 15 and get 15 (just). Again, they’ve won the game to go onto the money game and next week’s episode.

* Money Game: 50 Highest Grossing Rom-Coms

According to the US Box office since 1978 (to 28 November 2013). Well for their sixth answer they gave ‘Love Actually’, which surprisingly was not in the top 50 (it was 65), but then I don’t think it was ever as big a hit in the US as it was here, or has become by mountainous ITV2 repeats.

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