Sherlock: His Last Vow

Sherlock, Series 3, Episode 3


The third series of Sherlock has redeemed itself with the last episode, ‘His Last Vow’. Finally, some proper DRAMA, an interesting plot and interesting use of the ensemble cast I have been praising, namely Mary Watson (Amanda Abbington). She was really the most valuable added player to the series and this episode, more so than the ‘villain’. A villain who was not a Terminator, or using Google glasses, but an international media conglomerate owner who had a mind palace to rival Sherlock’s.

Pressure point: Irene Adler, Opium, Hounds of the Baskerville, John Watson, Jim Moriarty, Redbeard (his dog)

So since John and Mary’s wedding, Sherlock has been missing for a couple of months. John is missing the adventure and decides to find his neighbour’s missing son in a crack house. And lo and behold but who else is there but Sherlock, ostensibly ‘undercover’.

They come back to the flat, eventually, after having a drugs test and bringing along a new ‘helper’ Billy, who is learning the powers of deduction. There, Mycroft, is angry with Sherlock for returning to drugs, but after he leaves (along with Anderson and another soopah fan) it is revealed that Sherlock has been having a relationship with Janine, Mary’s bridesmaid, who he had been aiding to find potential matches at the wedding. It’s all perplexing to Watson, but obvious that Sherlock has some other motive for the relationship (it is later revealed that she is Charles Magnussen’s (the media owner/villain) PA.

Magnussen is the villain because he is blackmailing Lindsay Duncan and licking her face (and her perfume), and basically blackmails lots of people because he holds lots of their secrets. [Later Magnussen enjoys flicking Watson’s face] Well, Sherlock thinks that if he ‘pretends’ he has a drug addict, Magnussen will think it is his weakness and Sherlock will be able to gain access to Magnussen’s secret lair of information.

Anyway, long story short – Sherlock comes across Mary (Watson) trying to kill Magnussen – who then shoots Sherlock. He uses his mind palace to stop himself from bleeding out to death or going into shock (including nice cameo by Moriarty (Andrew Scott). Mary Watson used to some secret assassin or something and Magnussen knows her secret. But she can’t kill him as Sherlock and John Watson would be suspects (they’ve broken openly into the same building by using Janine who Sherlock fake proposes to). Sherlock makes Watson work out that Mary shot him – she gives him a usb key with her past but asks him to look at it later but that the relationship/marriage was real. They all have Christmas at the Holmes’ parents’ house. Watson destroys the USB key without looking at it and pledges himself to Mary. Watson and Sherlock go to Magnussen’s home with Mycroft’s laptop – as an exchange for his secrets. But Magnussen doesn’t have a lair – it’s all in his memory. So Sherlock shoots him – to save Mary’s secret and ergo John. Sherlock is sent away to Eastern Europe on a secret service mission where he will die within six months according to Mycroft’s deductions (and he’s the clever one) but after four minutes (as a coda) is called back to London.



BECAUSE MORIARTY IS BACK. I don’t think it is Moriarty though (he blew his brains out and we can’t have another how did they not die stories) and probably just a soopah fan or summink. But another long wait until series 4 to find out. Let’s hope it’s more consistent next time.

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3 Responses to Sherlock: His Last Vow

  1. Frivolous Monsters says:

    I don’t know if Moriarty’s back. Thanks for putting the text up as I couldn’t read it on my TV. I guess we’ll see what comes next.

    • Pleasure. Yeah, we’ll see if it is Moriarty or just someone using his image whenever the next series airs.

      • Frivolous Monsters says:

        I’ve not checked (I’m half way through watching it again) but I wondered if it was a clip we’d already seen, particularily from the tea drinking scene after he got out of court. And if he isn’t dead I wonder if there was some drug in that cup of tea that made him hallucinate shooting himself.

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