Who Dares Wins (18 January 2014)

The highest jackpot won by a pair on Who Dares Wins so far has been £170k. With £155k would the current reigning champions continue to dominate this week and earn more than that? Who Dares Wins is a game of trust – you have to trust a complete stranger when they suggest an answer you’re not sure about and when they suggest they know a lot about a certain topic when you don’t. Or it’s just about knowing trivia – which Joe, the current dominant half of the reigning champion pair knows a lot of.

18 January 2014

1. British Boxing World Champions since 1963 (male)

In any weight category and anyone representing Britain since 1963 who has become world champion. The Champions bid 8 and got them (just). Chrissy wanted to say Henry Cooper but her partner stopped her.

2. Artists who Recorded BBC Radio 2’s Top 100 Albums

From Radio 2’s 2013 Top 100 Favourite Albums poll. The Challengers bid 15 but this was always going to be a tricky one. For their 10th answer they said Jimi Hendrix, but this was wrong. So the Champions won both rounds and continued to another money game.

* Money Game: Countries visited by Michael Palin

The countries visited by Michael Palin in his 7 BBC travel shows (not including Brazil – but including Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole, Sahara, Himalaya, Hemingway). This was one of those rounds where the pair could have made various educated guesses from the programme titles (which they were given) but stopped at 6 and £10k to get to a running total of £165k.


1. London Stage Productions 2012

Any of the 325 shows performed in 2012 in London’s major venues (including the Royal Opera House). At the start Joe (one of the champions) tells Nick that he thinks this new pair look clever and will beat them. It was obvious then that he, at least, had had enough and probably wanted to lose and get back to his life rather than keep on playing this game show. The Challengers bid 14 and were doing well until one of them said, for their 9th answer, The Man with Two Guvnors. It was of course ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’, and so they lost the list. The face of his partner at this – as she hadn’t wanted to say that answer – was a picture!

2. Live at the Apollo Comedians

Any comedian who has appeared on the BBC show ‘Live at the Apollo’ since Sep. 2004 until November 2013 – with their real full names. The Challengers bid 12 and got them quite easily.

3. Tie Break: Ball Sports at the Summer Olympics

Games incuding balls at the 2016 Rio Olympics (not counting shot put). This was a tie break as each team had won one list – so like a penalty shootout each team had to say a correct answer until one got it wrong. After football, basketball, handball, hocket, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball and waterpolo the champions could not think of any more. They said polo, knowing it was wrong and they were out – out with £82,500 each to take home. [The other remaining answers were rugby, gymnastics and golf]

* Money Game: 25 Greatest Horror Films

According to a 2012 Time Out poll. With only 25 correct answers, this was always going to be hard but the pair gave an incorrect answer for their second answer with ‘Friday the 13th’, which was not even in the top 100 – and so they did not win any money. But they defeated the reigning champions and might be back to play another money game next week.

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